I Am Bullied

Since I was in kindergarten I have been bullied. I was never perfect enough for them. I wasn't skinny so they called me fat. I liked to read and did well in school so they called me a nerd. I dated a jerk and got my heart broken so they called me worthless and pathetic. Two years ago when I was in seventh grade, I was going through a rough patch with my family and she knew that. She knew I was weak. She used that to her advantage. She managed to steal my best friend. My friend still talked to me, but she didn't believe me when I told her that her new “friend” was bullying me. We fixed that though. Bullies have made my life a living hell, and are set on keeping me in hell forever.
irishlassy98 irishlassy98
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 28, 2012

I believe bullies have as much power as you give to them.

As far as i know, there are two ways to deal with them:
1. You can try ignoring what they do, and not let them affect you. The more pain you feel, the more they feel motivated.
2.You can strike back. Let them know you're not someone to mess with. No revenge. Just scare them enough that they won't want to bother you again.

It's a shame that some people take pleasure on hurting their similars. They all got hurt once, too.