Middle School

I had always been a tall girl, but really shy and insecure. It was the first day at this middle school called prep and i was so excited but really nervous, a few of my friends were going there so i had nothing to worry about in making friends. We were required to take Latin as out language in seventh grade.

Fun right?

Not as much as you'd think.

It all started that first Latin class, the teacher assigned us seats each quarter and some blond guy was assigned next to me. he was talking with the 'popular' group so i assumed he was popular, i assumed wrong but i didn't know this, so i was nice to him and very quiet, I don't do well with new people. 

After a few classes he was drawing on my book, and i stopped him, and he got mad, And i shut up because i don't like making people mad. After this he learned he could insult me and i wouldn't stop him, even after the first quarter when we weren't sitting together he would still bully me in other classes cause he knew i wouldn't stop him. 

i learned most people didn't like him for this reason, but no one saw or if they did they didn't stop him. You wouldn't think a scrawny kid like him would be the bully, but he was.

This went on, it drove me to move schools, little did i know he was moving to the same one.

now it the eighth grade and i learned how to stand up for myself  but it doesn't stop him, yesterday he called me a wh*re, and many other names. he drives me to tears daily and i just can't stop i'm, because i'm to scared. 

most people know me as the happy energetic one, they don't really know me i'm dying inside, i cut my arm trying to bleed, I've tried killing myself, it didn't work obviously, but my point is stop bulling and never do that to someone because they might not show it but they really are crying inside. 
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Don't try to kill yourself.. Obviously you are a girl with courage... I support u and am so sorry to hear this... Bullying is terrible... Tell ur teachers, parent, and Friends.. I'm only 12 and I know we can put a stop to bullying