Naked Humiliation

Starting in sixth grade, us boys were told we needed to shower after gym class. One day when I just finished showering, I was grabbed by a couple eighth grade boys and dragged completely naked out into the hallway where a group of sixth grade girls were waiting for their gym class to start. The eight grade boys pinned my arms behind me so that the girls got a full view of me naked as I tried to get free. If standing naked in front of a bunch of giggling girls when you’re in sixth grade wasn’t humiliating enough, one of the girls thought it would be funny to kick me in the balls.
Since I had nothing on, she could see her target and I had no protection. All I remember was doubling over in pain and hearing a lot of laughter. The eighth graders let go of me when I got kicked and retreated back into the locker room leaving me lying in agony on the hallway floor.
One of the teachers came upon the scene and told me I should go to the nurse. One of the girls helped me to my feet and to the nurse’s office. The nurse gave me a cool pack to keep down the swelling and told the girl who helped me to go back to the locker room and try to retrieve my cloths. She left but never came back. I don’t remember how I finally got my cloths back.
DonGuyus DonGuyus
Dec 3, 2012