All my life I've been bullied, by the popular girls, by my 'friends' and by people I don't even know. I reached breaking point today.

I've been dumped and am alone everywhere, I've called everything expect my name and I finally needed to let it out.

Yesterday was the worst. I started slipping a little on the ice as I walked to school and the worst of them all saw me and tried to trip me up. Then because I had been off for a while they all started yelling that I was a skiver and a hoe.
Then the girl I saw earlier started being really rude about me and making stupid comments about me and as usual, everyone laughed. My mum and dad think everything's fine but honestly I'm scared to go to school. Does anyone have any advice?
LuckyFallenStar LuckyFallenStar
13-15, F
Dec 7, 2012