Trying To Be Accepted Into A New Country

I just moved from Mexico to Canada 13 months ago. I do speak english, aswell as hebrew and of course spanish! Except my english is not THAT great. I rarely speak in school because I do not desire or want any kind of special attention for an accent, if you understand what I mean. Anyway just this past Friday in my Grade 9 French Applied class (I am grade 11 but because of the education system differences, I am doing grade 9 and 10 courses) we were translating words from french to english with a dictionary. I translated all words; but I didn't under the meaning of some of them. I asked the teacher and apologized because I felt silly. She explained and walked away. Once she had her back the students sitted in front of me started to laugh and say bad things. I did not appreciate this and they do it a lot. When I get frustrated with something I start to whisper things in spanish. They laugh and tell me to stop speaking 'alien' for I am on 'planet earth' now. I do not like it but I do not feel it is such a great issue that should be told to the teacher, as it would waste her time. I am in curiousity... what can I do by myself so make them close their mouths and berry their insults underneath the dirt where it can be forgotten? I will lose it one of these days and I do not want to wait until that happens ~!
Zaladorr Zaladorr
1 Response Dec 8, 2012

Tell them to shut the **** up and mind their own business. You are trying to learn, and they are not acting their age. If they continue, raise your hand and loudly ask the teacher if she'd mind asking them to keep quite- embarrass them I need be.