Stupid Hoes

[Before I continue, this is actually my friends account, he suggested the website to me because I've been having problems and sh*t... Turns out this website is pree cool but I cbf making an account so I asked to use his] ANYWAYYSS!!!

Im just ur average 17 year old girl, but the thing is Im like pretty straight up and I have this problem with not being able to talk to girls who have given blow jobs!! It's just weird knowing that a D*CK has been inside their mouths, so to me it's like **** whatever you say, anyways my friend of 3 years knows this and she told me that she gave head for the 1st time And planned to do it again and told me full details thinking that I had gotten over this "phase"since I had losts my virginity, but I sort of just looked at her and said okay but really I was disgusted, Anyways I've been avoiding her because I just don't get B*tches who put that sh*t in their mouths which is weird seeing as I LOVE GAYS! And have no problems with them doing so hahahahha but when it's a girl and as a matter of fact I've stopped talking to a lot of girls due to the fact that I just can't talk to girls who give head because it creeps me the **** OUT!! I have no idea why

Anyways this B*tch (my ex-friend) found out why I had been avoiding her and started talking sh*t behind my back and turning all these other girls against me and told one of my deepests secrets to some random hoe at school who I also dont like due to my issue with not being able to girls who Give Head.

But I know so much stuff just as bad about her if not worsts, now I know what its like to be bullied and revenge always has made me feel so much better because im just that kinda B*TCH!! Should I just give her what she deserves, I mean KARMA is a B*TCH and So am I.... I just get called names and dirty looks but nothing that really matters, also they posts anonymous status's on Facebook about "some girl" and how she's a b*tch which I know is me..... And they know if it came down to a real fight I would beat these b*tches up!! But I feel sort of betrayed by my ex-friend because it was such a big secret!! Should I end her rampage ?

By the way I never bully people, Im just straight up and I let people know what's up !!
OntreMuzik OntreMuzik
18-21, M
Dec 9, 2012