I Just Want It To Stop

The actual bullying started when I was in historyand my so called 'friend' Gabe (not real name) made fun of me for being a Mormon. I kinda shrugged it off. I didn't tell anybody, and life went on. Then, I was sitting with my 'friends' at lunch. They were talking about some girl who was supposidly pregnant. I told them to stop and that it probably wasn't true and that even if it was, they shouldn't talk about it. They ignored me, so after lunch, I spoke to the consoler and got to class late. Sure enough, five minuets later, Gabe was called down to the office. After class, he came up to me and told me I suck. I pretended not to know what he meant, but he didn't care. Then he went around telling everyone that I ratted him out. When people asked if it was me, I denied it, not wanting to be seen as a goodie- goodie again. It history, he told me to go burn in hell, told me he hated me, threatened to hurt me and called me a b****. When I got to
my house I told my mom, and she said she was going to call the school. I told her no. Now, it's almost two in the morning and I can't get it off my mind. I've been crying and I just want it to stop. It's funny how half a day of bullying can hurt so much. Did I mention that Gabe was one of my best friends? It makes it so much harder. I just... I feel like crawling under a rock. At least no one csn hurt me there.
Diosma Diosma
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I'm a mormon too, its ok 2 stand up 4 it... stay strong

Thank you.

I agree with retire me soon....and I want to add, a best friend doesn't treat you that way. You should find a new best friend. :) good luck!

LOOK,I have alot of experience with bullying because I went through two years of it when I went to a new school.I had EIGHT kids picking on me and it made it hard to sleep at night or think in school because I had anxiety from the fear.

I made it through that awful time when I learned to overcome the fear.REMEMBER THE BULLY WANTS YOU TO FEEL FEAR.But when you show fear the bully can become more aggressive.By the end of my ordeal I had NO FEAR LEFT and it was like " whatever " and then I would walk away from the bully and the other 7.

In your case the best way to kill this off is to be quiet and fly under the radar.Play dumb like you have been doing and don't tell your story to other students.This can cause rumors and feed the fire.This will pass in a week or two.

NOW,if others join in which can happen then you can contact me and I will help you deal with this.DO NOT BE AFRAID YOU ARE NOT ALONE.I have worked in Psychology for 26 years .You and I can find a way through this.Maybe spend some time in the Library at lunch time because it is good to be invisible right now while it cools off.