Bullied For 8 Years Straight.

I was bullied for 8 years straight, starting in Year 2, and it died down towards the end of year 10.

I think the list of things that happened to me should be in another story, otherwise you would get bored reading things.

I was bullied simply due to my general kindness, people abused this, I could not simply hate people. Always trying to fit in, I was that strange kid. Always trying to feel accepted by people, the typical kid crap.

Because of being bullied I believe it has had a POSITIVE change on me (despite the physical, and mental changes it has had on me) ...

It has taught me to be a better person, not to judge people based on any factors (such as gender, age, race, sexuality, etc), and such.

Who would know that bullying has a positive effect on you.
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i was called the 'overly hyper kid' because i used to be so happy-go-lucky then people keep teasing me and calling me 'annoying' 'fat annoying girl' no one wants to be with me. i tried to fit in by trying to lose weight but i was born with big bones. Bullying also have a positive change on me, i tend to help people more with their problems. but still, the bullying scar will leave forever on me.

People bullying due to the way someone looks is just horrible, especially when you can't help it.
We are all left with the scars of not only the physical bullying but the mental scars of bullying.

I'm sorry to hear that happened to you, and I hope you recover/have recovered from it.

Don't call it typical kid crap, justageek. It's normal to yearn to be accepted, that is what i think.
8years. Glad you're finally done with it. Now get cool & live free!

That was a great way to put it, thank you!

^_^ GL!

geesh, I'm with you my friend, I had it everywhere I WENT, even my DAD, this carried on through my youth even into high school. But for me, I have had enough and now I'm actually more "cheeky", I don't take crap anymore. But...on the positive side I'm more protective on people who's been abused and understand where THEY come from (mentally). I has ALSO had mental effect on rest of my life, I think I'm accident prone BECAUSE of this. But, I think, to get out of this "mental" state you would need to get to know...YOURSELF as individual, I'm trying it and it seems to build some confidence in me especially when I allow god to help ;)
Just my 5c

Well put, I don't take crap from anyone anymore either. I say it as it is.