A Different Kind Of Bullying Story

I have been scrolling down this experience page for the past hour, and my heart feels like it is being torn in so many directions. Being bullied myself, I know the pain that most of you on here are going through, some worse and some better than me. I read some stories of despair and hopelessness, some just spurting out facts, and some encouraging that it gets better. Seeing all of you hurting like this though breaks my heart, and I wish I could take the pain away from every person (whether I know you or not) that is hurting from being bullying.
I wish I could hug you all and look each and everyone of you straight in the eye and firmly say that it all just goes away one day, yet sadly it does not.

After experiencing 5 years of bullying, and still going through some today, I am not completely better. I have my days still where I hate the world, and everyone in it. I hate that God let me go through this. I hate all of the people that said all of those cruel things to me. And, more importantly, I hate myself. It would be a complete lie if I told you that I am perfectly okay, because I am not.

However, I am making progress because I am choosing to. Yes, I have my breakdowns every once in awhile. But instead of thinking awful thoughts, I have found different paths to take to help me soothe down. I am also very vocal about how the past few years have been on me, and how I am handling it now. I am surrounding myself with great people who I can be nothing but happy around. I AM CHOOSING TO NOT LET LIFE WIN.

You say you are not strong enough? IF YOU ARE STILL ALIVE I CONSIDER YOU ONE OF THE STRONGEST PEOPLE I KNOW. Yes, you may of had your thoughts like I have, but we are still alive. We are still breathing and pushing on. I know it is rough, but WE will be the stronger ones in the end. I know you can make it through this, and you will. It may not be easy, but it is possible. God put you on this Earth for an amazing purpose, so keep your head held high and march through life with a smile at your face. I love you, and I know you can do this :)

(If anyone would like to know my bullying story, the link is on the comment I left below!) :)
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