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Hi my name is actually Taylor but my username is frozenpop123. I was diagnosed with ADHD when i was in the 1st grade. (For those of you who do not know what ADHD is it stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It makes it harder for me to do things. I have math disabilities and it is hard for me to make friends because of it.) i have been bullied ever since I was in the 4th grade. I'm now in the 8th grade. I went to charleston school from 3rd grade to 5th grade. After school was let out for summer. My mum and I drove up to the Countyline school and applied me to that school. My mum worked at Countyline but she was a sub. I was in the sixth grade there when school let back in. It was a lot better there for the first week. But in the middle of the second week I was picked on by a few boys, and ignored by all the girls when I tried to talk to them. In the seventh grade it got worse. Mainly all the boys started picking on me and bullying me. Saying I wasn't worth living and not good enough to be here. I tried to ignore them but it was too hard. Nobody would eat with me at Lunch or even sit by me so I started eating in the girls bathroom. When I reached the eighth grade it got even worse. Ive never told anybody what was happening until Febuary 5 / 2012 . During choir that day a new girl had just arrived to Countyline and was in our class. I finally had enough nerve to go say hi. When I walked up to her another girl from our class had took her by the arm and whispered somthing in her ear. I couldnt tell what she was saying. I was about to ask her if she would like to be my friend but the choir teacher( Mrs Ruherford.) announced that today was a freeday. When I focused back to the new girl but found her walking away with a DS in her hand. I went sat by her and said hi. She just looked at me and went back to her game. Then kaitlyn ( the girl who whispered into the new girls ear) told me that the new girl doesn't want to be around me. So I said you don't know that so leave me alone. Kaitlyn said by the way her name is Keira. I just rolled my eyes and we ton and sat by Keira. This time she looked up at me and said get the F*** away B****. I said I didn't do nothing to you all I said was hi so u don't have the right to talk to me like. I just gulped and backed away a little. Keira stood up and said I can talk to you anyway I want to talk to you. You little ****. I bet you are just like your mom a skinny *****, thats when I couldnt take it any more and ran out of the class room crying. I ran all the way to the bathroom and called my mom and asked her to come pick me up. She did, of course . And I told her everything . She told me a quote.
'they laugh at me because Im different; I laugh at them because theyre all the same.' this quote changed my life and can change yours too.
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