That Dude Was Flaming Gay

Yep i was bullied i know what you're thinking (The pillar of the manliest of tears that is Space?! Was bullied?!) I sure was ,let me take you back to ancient times that is also known as late 2009 and early 2010. I had just transferred from a small private school to a private all boy school because i was fed up with having to wake up at 5 am to go to a school that was 2 hours away(which had pajamas as uniforms in the hopes of being perceived as "modern") also ,in hopes of finding brotherhood like you see on tv and in yu yu hakusho~. So wanting a change i straightened and styled my hair like Paul McCartney in the beatles. I got **** from day one. okay i know this is totally breaking the whole story writting-esqueness? is that even a word? Well anyway alittle more supplemental info is due ,i had a really foreign weird name that was hard to pronounce so i made up the name of kite (from the dot.hack was all i could think of at the moment as a name ...and yes teachers and even the principal called me that.....embarrassing now that i think about it.) So since i'm dark skinned i got called Abu (from the jungle book almost everyday but that was nothing compared to this Basketball player who's name i can't even remember. Let's just call him "Shithead" yeah that works. The dude was like 6'7 ,spoke only in ebonics and had a massive hate ***** for me. He'd call me "kike" every where i went and even got others to join in. when i had classes with him he'd straight up refuse to work with me because he and i quote "I DON'T WORK WITH ****". (I seriously think this dude was so flaming gay for me) At the end of my sophomore year i transferred back to the pajama school ,got ignored even more but that's another story for another time, but i'm kind of glad that year sucked so badly because my inablity to make friends offline made me make friends online O: and if it wasn't for that i wouldn't have met my best friend.

And th-th-th-that's all Folks~!
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Sorry for this but....YOU'RE ******* AWESOME ;-)

You're precious!

The last time some racist person tried to make remarks about me calling me a burnt sausage and tried to say I was the same color as dog ****. I was already used to having people try and start with and attempt to me, so I waited till he was finished and said "I may be the color of dog **** but at least I don't talk ****" :D

You have such an interesting life lol

I know I told my teacher that my life is better than comedy central XD

Lol Nah I'd just leech off Russel Howard ;3