Bullied To Doing Something I Regret

I'm new here and I'm only 15. My thing says 18 but I'm not. So here's my story

In eighth grade it was about end of February beginning of march. Anyways I'm pretty chubby. So some kid I don't even know asks if I'm pregnant I said no and he said well u look it. So I let my science teacher know and I go talk to my house master. Then I go to my next class and the same kid scream hey look it's prego chick and I start hysterically crying. But some people come talk to me and my friend walk me to my house office. So he said she would handle it. So I go home and talk to my parents it had stopped for a couple of weeks then around my birthday he said it again and I said I would hit him he said ***** I could knock u out right now. I said do it. He didn't hit me. I lunged and he backed off. So then he sent mean TXTS. So when I got home I took a peice of broken glass and cut myself and I still have the scar. I did go to the school resource officer and the kid got expelled. But let back in freshman year but he left me alone.
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

It's sad that some jerk felt the need to mess up someone else's life. :( At least he experienced some sort of consequence. Please don't cut yourself again.

we have better bulling laws not force the school touse them if it starts again or force the school to suppyr tutoring service so you feel safe THAT IS THE LAW