Texting And Internet Can Be Cruel

My names tori, you would think, I was the average happy 14 year old girl, well one day that all changed.. My friend Bekah, passed away on 12/12/12 at the age of 14 from ovarian cancer, the was loved by many, but there where those few people who were rude and hateful towards her death. Megz/ Megan a 17 year old girl, was very rude and hateful, as I texted her on 1/4/13 I asked her to stop being rude towards Bekah, especially since she had no clue who she was. She then replied with rude and hateful names, like, ****, ****, *****. She says she thinks cancer is funny because it kills people. And she harassed a few more people with this. Her number was given out to me and many other people, on 1/5/13 I got many texts from random guys, calling me a ****, a *****, asking how much they could buy me for, one of them even said that they would rape me, as this grew more and more, I got more details, I found out there were fake naked pics of me being posted on Craigslist and many other websites, I told her to take the ads down, but she didn't listen, it grew more and more harder for me to hold back.. I mean.. You have 3 pill full pill bottles sitting in your room.. While your sitting there wishing you were dead, what would you do.? Well, I still have the thoughts of taking all of those pills, I've cried and cried, I've gotten 1,200+ views on one website within 2 hours.. I've gotten over 15 texts from random guys, and she sits back, and watches, and laughs, I'm a 14 year olds girl, and she's 17. I told myself over and over that she wouldn't ruin my life. But she pretty much did, I hope she's happy, I hope this made her feel important or special. I guess this is what happens when you stand up for your friend who died..
Torikdillon0929 Torikdillon0929
13-15, F
Jan 7, 2013