I Get Made Of For Being Small

This is my first year of being a hundred pounds(8th grade/103 lbs). Last year I was 98..and I was 65 from age three to 5th grade. You can see parts of my bones such as hip,arm,rib,shoulder,collar bone,etc. I don't starve myself badly..I used to but I always ate alot anyway..more than people would think. I'm basically the smallest girl in my grade/Jr high here...my FRIENDS even make fun of me. I'm taller than average and way smaller than most of the girls here...I'm starting to get sick of the taunting. Is it sad I'm even small in the chest? I'm size zero in juniors and A (in you know what.). I get made of every day because of this..at times my family have too..sigh..
NightmaresAreMyUsual NightmaresAreMyUsual
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

Correction.Size zero I still have to wear a belt so my jeans don't fall .-.