So Yeah.

I'm made fun of.. Everything. My eyes, my smile, my body, my face, my voice, my religion, my race, my mind, my writing, my interests.. Everything. I don't know what to think anymore. I'm apparently.. Not the average teenager.
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Being unique is so much better than being like everyone else. I completely understand your situation though, and can relate, I was never the average teenager either.

Be different. Average people are boring, and clichè as. Express yourself, how you want to express yourself.

People bullying you are idiots; they're clearly jealous of how unique you are!

Sorry to hear that, I can again relate as a lot through my junior school years I was bullied for similar reasons. I do hope things improve for you. Think of it this way, once you leave school you won't have to deal with them anymore!

Never change yourself to please someone else.

That's really not fair on you :( I suggest seeing someone that can help you out.

I understand, I'll be unique, always. I have purple in my hair, I wear green eyeliner.. I know to express myself.. I don't live up to my families expectations, my 'friends' hassel me over little things. Just how it is, it's not about being the 'normie' of high school. Most teenagers go out on Friday nights, they stay up late, they break rules. If I do anything like the 'normies' I'd be sent off.. It's more complicated than I'm leaving on.. But it'd be nice to have a normal life, like living with at least one parent, having all my brothers and sister, calling my friends, true friends..

Expressing yourself is better than trying to be like someone else.

It's always best to show who you are, I sadly hide a lot about myself to my own friends and family, and can't express certain things about myself. But you have a talent there, you are able to freely express yourself.

Your "friends" that hassel you, you could ask them to politely stop. In a nice tone of voice just say "Hey, do you mind not hassling me like that? I'm feeling a little offended that's all" or similar.

I'm sorry to hear about your family life, I do hope things improve for you there in the future.

Just wish I could do more, and get out more so less people would pretend they know me and talk about me. People are rude, and I never miss a day of school. I tell all the friends I do claim that if I don't show up I punched a few people or have something for family..

I cannot understand why people can be so rude, for any reason.

School is such an emotional roller coaster, I personally think the government and schools need to do more with bullying in schools.

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u need 2 be urself and not lisen 2 other the ******* r just jellous of u babes

Girl, being average is BORING. God made you uniquely and for a divine purpose, and you will go far being YOU, not anyone else. Chin up, and know that you aren't alone :)