Done Hiding Scars

"So don't try to hide your scars, because our scars are our story. That's how we witness to the world. We say, 'I don't mind you seeing my scars because I had wounds in my life, but God has healed the wounds. Look at me, IM STANDING UP.'... And hey, I don't mind you seeing all of the scars right here, because they are HEALED scars." -Louie Giglio at Passion 2013

This became my new quote most recently, because it is so true. Why should we (we meaning anyone with some sort of story and past) be ashamed of what we have gone through? Why should we feel like we should be silent over something that we have accomplished? YES, I said accomplished. IF YOU HAVE GONE THROUGH HARD TIMES AND ARE ALIVE AND READING THIS YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING. YOU MADE IT THROUGH. Why would that be something to be embarrassed about?? It's great and should be rejoiced!

I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for God and the amazing people he put in my life, and I will tell my story until I die. I'm done being silenced and so should you. Tell your story, don't be buried in the past, and give people hope that is does get better. :)

7blondemoments 7blondemoments
18-21, F
Jan 12, 2013