The Girl Who Danced

It was my first class at Medical college.Too tired to walk,I dragged myself back to my dormitory.

Just finished clearing up my room so that I'm able to lay down for a bit.Changed from my formal clothes to a over-sized shirt and trousers.

A staff member came to all of us to announce,"The Senior students want to meet you all.Come down to the Dining Hall within 5 minutes."

Still wearing my informal clothes,and a buttoned up jacket with a scarf as the temperature was dropping rapidly..we all gathered and stood bare-feet as the Senior students sat,facing us.

The torture began.

They called us names...names that even a prostitute won't be able to bear.They jeered at us,mocked us...sexual...psychological...torture.

My name came...I stepped forward.They barred their teeth,saliva rolling down as hungry wolves...their eyes scanned my if raping me even they were all girls,just like me.They mocked that I might be a "boy inside" for my knee-length teeth clamped on my lips.It bled.

I didn't lower my eyes,I saw everything...everyone.They couldn't stand facing my eyes...they HAD to FORCE me to lower my eyes.

The guilty can't stand the Innocents.

I am a girl from the city...and a student with better result than all of them.So my punishment...I was ordered to dance.

My answer,"I don't dance."
Them,"You have to.Or all of you will have to suffer."
Me,"Play me a song"

I danced.

We're all made to stand in the cold for 3 hours and 30 minutes,bare-feet.I didn't let one drop of tear escape my eyes.

All of them were called to the Dean's office the following day and punished.They had to apologize to us formally...but the complaint hasn't been withdrawn yet.Funnily enough,it wasn't ME who submitted the complaint.It's someone else with our unanimous support.
To the'll ALWAYS find that you'll be beaten.No matter how mighty you think you are.

But..I ask myself...these monsters will be doctors after 4years or so...what will happen then?

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Well I say I am glad and that I admire you for keeping calm and not escalating the situation. And don't worry they'll soon feel that the outside world is not something that can be tamed or bullied to their will ;3

Oh..thanks...I didn't exactly focusing on being calm,all I was hell-bent on doing was to make them understand that I'm not gonna be broken.
One of the very few among them(who weren't participating in that ...ordeal...but didn't stop their fellow students either)stood up and thanked me.Only that gesture kept me...calm cuz I told myself that at least SOME of them knew it's wrong!
Thanks for your comment Francella4! <3