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I have been bullied throw out my primary school days, I was called hurt full things ever since year One, got beat up a lot and lost my friends because they didn't want to hang out with a loser, well I'm in high school now (I'm on holidays right now so i have not been there yet) and I'm so worried the same thing will happen.
right now I'm just trying not to show how worried I am because every one will say "oh your worrying about nothing" or "you'll be fine nothing bad will happen" but they don't understand how it feels to be worried all the time, being told it will be ok wont make it ok.
on top of that my every time I feel sorry for myself (like now idiot) I get more up set because I think of people who have had it worse and here I am saying "oh I'm so worried" "oh I'm sad because I was bullied every day for 7 ******* years" god I hate myself, speaking of that, I constantly put my self down because I think I'm not good enough I mean I've been told that since I was 7 years old so you can't really blame me, can you? (BTW that's a real question) ok so that was kind of I guess I mean the first step to excepting is saying how you feel.
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The trick is to go in thinking: I am gonna smash this high school thing out of the park!!! I'm not gonna be a victim I'm gonna be a STRONG, SMART, Worthwhile individual who is NOT a victim and not under the control of others. See, if you let those voices in your head that are saying "I'm going to be bullied...I'm going to be bullied...." Over and over in your head - if you let that voice take over, it will happen. You've got about two weeks to chuck out that old broken record and get a NEW one happening. The new one should say something like," I am a unique and awesome person who deserves to be treated with respect". Get that one playing over and over in your head for the next two weeks. In fact, get in front of the mirror, look into those eyes, and say it out loud everyday! First day of school is going to be tough, no two ways about it. But you have to start the way you mean to finish. Focus on you, and focus on the things you enjoy doing and are good at. If you aren't sure what that is, then focus on trying new stuff out until you find something. I mean it- try as many new things as you can in the first month of school. Great way to meet new kids too, and leave those old bully losers behind! Don't look to others to make you feel good about yourself. No matter how old you get, that's only ever gonna be a road to no where. Only you can do it. Good luck and hold your head up high!

Everyone gets bullied at school, kids that age are just spiteful! Talk to your teachers or your parents if its that bad!