Fun Times

Understand this was elementary school, listen I'm ****** up...this was 3rd = 5th grade. It sounds as if it was high school but that particular elementary was just like a high school. It was just an extremely flawed environment. So I entered the school in 3rd grade, now I don't know, I don't remember if it was instantaneous but I know it didn't take long. But actually on like the second day I think, I met my then best friend. But that is getting off I don't really recall this well. I basically have NO recollection of my life from birth to ten years old, due to all the ****** up **** which transpired. But that's another story...So due to my childhood I have or had PTSD (Post-Dramatic-Stess-Disorder) ergo I was an introvert. Not being out going will get you exiled pretty quickly. Therefore I wasn't included a lot, not that I cared most of the time, sometimes it got to me but I've always just rolled with punches and done my own thing, though sometimes I felt alone. But ya know...**** happens.

Well, I suppose you could call it bullying but it's nothing compared to others. I never feared any of them. I'm not trying to appear macho, swear to God. I never feared any of them, some kids live their lives in fear of the next day to which more torment awaits but it was never that bad for me. They tried really, it was more consistent annoying me didn't hurt me but just pissed me off. Because if you're currently in this situation you have to take risks, I've found a large majority of bullies are weak, pathetic and full of ****. Mine happened to be. I knew they were too, that's why I didn't fear them. I was bold and careless. They always found me to try and intimidate me. But that's all they did...and when they did try to psychically hurt me I fought. I didn't give a ****. But the key is to try your best to show no emotion whatsoever. Apathy will bore them. That's what I did. Because you see, bullies want a reaction to fill the void of their abused existence. They need power they feel. Well, don't give it to them. Because genuine bullies will just kick your ***, no questions asked. People that want to harm you just do it, they don't try to intimidate.

A common "confrontation" went like this, it's pretty funny looking back actually, I was such a smartass:
Them: I'm gonna kick your ***
Me: OK
Them: Didn't you hear me?
Me:'t you have something to do?

Now I'll pause here. You may be wondering why I didn't just walk away, well I'll tell you why. They always followed me talking **** and that is annoying so I just dealt with them there because like I said they were full of ****...

Then they'd become confused as to why I wasn't afraid of them.
Them: You're weird. Didn't you hear me? I'm gonna kick your ******* ***.
Me: Shut up, man.
Them: No, see that's..we're not friends. Why aren't you...?
Me: Are we done here? Because are you gonna kick my *** or not?
Then they'd try or hit me with a punch...I'd push them back then just stand there bored.
This went on for a very long didn't hurt me , just annoyed me very much.

I'll fast forward. That sort of bullshit "bullying" thing happened EVERYDAY. Now, comes an important part of this school. We had a lot of race wars. And I mean A LOT. But I was fortunately part of the majority. I am not exaggerating when I say there were like four black kids, two white kids and the rest were Mexican or some form of Latin blood. Not lying. So obviously the race wars were pointless. We (Mexicans) always won. Not that I took part in any of them, actually sometimes I did for fun...not many times though. But by the way, in all the time I was bullied I had friends. However, I only had two friends which didn't end up turning on me and joining "the other side", i.e. popular clique. You know how that thing of the best things for all of us was dodgeball, my school made a ******* Olympics out of dodgeball. And that's when you settled beefs and I did...just wail on the kids which give you ****. Everyone did. Fun times. See, I grew up when kids were still kids. Now everyone would complain that it's too violent.

Now they tried to kick my ***. I dodged a few beatings by hiding or distracting them, staying by teachers, because all bullying took place at lunch and recess. I almost got it bad one time though, me and my friends had been ******* with the wrong kids and we basically had a hit out on us. We spent like...God an hour evading the beating. Fun times. And I was in a few fights. And one was with my cousin actually and his best friend, sounds weird but you see...only like two people hung out with me. I was part of the loser crowd. Not a nerd because my grades were not amazing, strictly because I didn't care...So yeah, a lot of bullying came my way. But I'll never forget that fight, we were over by some trees isolated from everyone...I don't remember how it started. . And we just ******* went at it, we were rolling around, kicking, punching....I threw one of them several times. Genuine fight. For the record it was a tie. But they were so mad that the teacher intervened and me being my manipulative self made myself out as the victim, we both were punished but they got it worse.... And they looked at me and did the "off with your head thing". I rolled my eyes and laughed...surprise, surprise right after that we become best friends. Weird, right? There was many other fights too and a lot of altercations. And sometimes I just blacked out and chased after them. They REALLY liked that. It's ****** up...they knew just what insult to use to get me to want to kill the. It got bad though towards the end fora  little while , they started bring scissors out of class and threatened to stab me. That didn't scare me either, I had already almost died several times. That school was ******.  Lemme tell you some things I saw at that school. I saw  a kid bring a  fully loaded hand gun, I never said anything. He didn't kill anyone. A 12 year old lost their virginity at recess I knew. And a bunch of kids snuck in cigarettes. Just so much ****...But I'm proud to say I never went down without a fight and I very rarely went down. If I could go back...ha ha...I was small then, you should see me now. In fact the last time one of them saw me they were so shocked and tried to act like they never bullied me. But I don't have any grudges against them. You have to get picked on in school...cause look this made a good story. It's all fun times too, yes, it was it killed me a little bit at times emotionally but it was fun...and that school wasn't all bad either. I have a lot of memories of bad things I did that I shouldn't be proud of that I am proud of. (wink) Fun times. Bullying breeds character. Fun times. Thankfully I have not been bullied as bad as some...

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Jan 18, 2013