I might never know why I was bullied and beaten for about 6 years. But I made it through and feel like I'm starting/ready to heal. It started in 1st grade, when I was the 'new kid' and was actually the interesting little someone at first. Then things changed. They found out about my religion and noticed the things I didn't/wouldn't do or participate in. They started just calling me names. It hurt, but I could handle it. Then things went downhill from there. They started trying to slip alcohol into my milk to make me drink alcohol. They tried to undress me, so they could call me immodest and a ****. They challenge me on religious grounds and tested how much I believed. It was starting to get tough. Then the day I decided to say something back to them such as 'stop' or 'please just leave me alone', they chased me until they got me. Then they would beat me by throwing me to the ground and kick me in the ribs and punch me in the face and stomach. This was the routine for almost six years. Two girls who posed as my friends at first, would take me into a room and lock it, then sexually assault me, telling me that I liked it and that they were doing me a favor. Then later they called me a **** for trying to get away from them. I didn't have a friend or anyone I could trust till I was 12 years old. The teachers wouldn't support me and wouldn't follow up on their word when I asked them to help me. My other teachers would lower my grade based on my religious background. No one believed me when I complained about being bullied, harassed, and beaten. It was my word against a class of 30. When I moved it got better, but worse. The beating stopped, but the bullying remained. I would be tied to a chair with jump ropes by two guys, and they would read sexual explicit stories to me, which were disgusting and offensive. After three more years at that school, I transfered again. This time I don't need to hide or run. I feel safe.
Brielle18 Brielle18
18-21, F
Jan 18, 2013