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My Life

I'm bullied like almost every day at school by one of my classmates. He makes fun of me a lot cuz I'm extremely shy and quiet. I once asked him why he teases me so much and he said that it'll make me stronger. I live with my step-father and my half brother due to my parents' bitter separation. I was abused when I was younger by my own mother and I've actually never met my biological father. I've thought of suicide and took an overdose of painkillers after being insulted by my mother. My bully makes me feel worthless. I've tried to stand up to him but it just makes it worse. I wish I wasn't so vulnerable!
Gracie1201 Gracie1201 16-17, F 4 Responses Jan 18, 2013

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The first 3 years of school (Im 13 btw) i got bullied and at 7 yrs age i was considering suicide.
I had total of 0 friend and almost everyone hated me for no reason and i once heard some guys talking about me behind my back but i didnt dare to confron them cuz it would result with probably a hit in the face or a broken arm/leg.
Know i can see why you tried suicide and its not a good feeling.
I almost cried myself to sleep every night.
I never told my parents or teacher about this (my teacher was an *******) so dont do same mistake that i did so contact a teacher. I hoped i help and good luck

Suicide is bad...

People who are bullies do that because they feel worthless inside and it makes them feel better about themselves. Dont let that *** hole get to you. People will put you down a lot in life and being picked on never feels good. hold tight and focus on you and what you know to be true to yourself. and try to get a new seat in the class you see him in:] good luck:]

Thanks, u made my day!

Just hold on, you'll make it through as long as you don't give up. If you feel like you need to let out your emotions just message me, I'll help all I can.

Thank u :)