People Sat Back And Watched As I Asked For Help.

It all started when i started comprehensive school, i began to get bullied because of the way i looked. People used to call me 'pig face' and oink at me, as i had a small nose. I can laugh it off now, but at the time it was terrible. I found myself being alone a lot of the time because no one actually believed the bullying was happening. it didn't take long for arguments to begin with my friends, where they'd call me a pig all the time. I told my parents, as well as teachers and other members of my family, no one listened..
I remember coming home one day early from school and just being crushed by all the comments people had been saying to me all day, it drove me to writing a suicide letter (i was about 13 at the time), of course i never took action on taking my own life. Later that week my brother found the letter and of course showed my parents. This brought light to the situation, and they then started to take action of the bullying. Well, at least tried.. it got worse before it got better, lets just say it wasn't fun, a lot of tears were being cried and i just felt emotionally dead.
Not long after this, my 'best friend' hacked my bebo (before facebook was really popular) with another one of her friends, they'd changed the skin and all the information to pictures etc of pigs. The night after doing this my 'best friend' had come down for a sleep over. Only to admit to doing it and demanding me to let her have the laptop and not look as she took it down and redid my page. She did not know that i knew about the page. It still hurts me to this day (over 5 years later) that a friend could actually do that.
As years passed, the bullying died down until i was at the age of 15, where it got worse than it was before. I remember walking home and being attacked by the old bullies, being called multiple names and having my earrings ripped out. This happened on a few occasions, including one time in a classroom. We were in design and technology class, when a girl just out of no-where jumped on me from behind and started to choke me, not only did the whole class watch, but the teacher stood and watched as if nothing was happening..
What are the schools really doing about bullying? How can you even justify watching a student under your supervision being attacked?
And if that wasn't bad enough, when i got home my parents told me to grow up.. as if it was my fault. My friend's also abandoned me.
Since finishing school it's gotten a lot better, of course there is the occasional bullying, but nothing much.
My school years were the worst years of my life, and i am more than glad to have finished.
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Jan 20, 2013