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I do get bullied now. I'm 13 and in secondary school (England) and these Kids bully me. I'm about 1/2 a foot or a foot shorter than most people in my class so I can't really do anything about it. I go to school everyday worrying about these bullies and what they'll do to me today. I don't have many friends really and I don't know why. I haven't upset anyone or anything and I don't say bad things (I don't say a lot at all really but still...) but still no one seemed to come to be friends. It's not nice worrying about this and I still don't know why. I have told my parents but they didnt seemed bothered and just left me to deal with it by myself. The only thing I can think if is jealousy but I'm not that impressive. Well..... I am at some sports but still. It's no reason to bully someone. It's not fair. Someone help me to get thro this
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i got bullied but the stupidest thing a victim can do is to show the bulleys that they care, i used to cry infront of them and that only made them make fun of me even more

Absolutely, do NOT go or stay anywhere you're bullied. If asking for help doesn't do it, quit/change school/class whatever.

But how ? My parents would let me change anything cause they don't really are about me and so won't be bothered to help sort it

Education is compulsory by law. Theoretically, if you just "boycott" school long enough, more and more people should get involved in solving the problem. Before that, however, just waltz in the principals office and make it clear how you won't be bullied and such.

I know how you feel. I was bullied when I was at school for years (from about 8-16 years old, maybe even from younger). Unfortunately it seemed there's nothing that can be done, you just have to try and put up with it, as hard as it may be, even if it lasts a long time. I had to cope with it for years. What I can say is don't bother going and telling your teachers because they never listen (no matter how bad it is) and the bullying may get even worse. So good luck with coping with it.

But I seemed to be bullied by my parents as well. Not physically but they never listen to me or support me in much

Well I don't know how bad your bullying is, but if it makes you feel any better mine went as bad as having a stone kicked into my head and then despite walking round half the school with my head bleadind quite badly the teachers just ignored me. Another time some bullies hung me from the shool climbing frames, By the kneck!, and only let me down just before completely stopped breathing.

Ouch ..... That's worse than mine

Yeah I don't think I've ever met anyone else that was bullied as bad as that. I didn't even see any point in telling my parents abouy the hanging for quite a while. I knew they would go and have a go at the teachers, but just as the teachers did with me they'd obviously just ignore them. If I ever went to a teacher is was that the moment I stepped out the room the teacher ected as if I'd never gone in

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Tyler - you don't deserve to be hurt. They are just mean young people. You need to get some grown ups to help you make this stop. You deserve to be happy too!

My parents are usless and they won't help and teachers.... At my school you'll probably end up getting them one detention and they'll come back after that even worse