Being Bullied

I was bullied when I was at school for years (from about 7-16 years old, maybe even from younger). Unfortunately it seemed there was nothing that could be done about it, because the teachers were useless. I just had to try and put up with it, as hard as it was, even though it lasted a long time. I had to cope with it for years. So in the end I didn't bother going and telling your teachers because they never listened (no matter how bad it was) and the bullying some times got even worse.

My bullying went as bad as having a stone kicked into my head at one time and then despite walking round half the school with my head bleeding quite badly the teachers just ignored me. Another time some bullies hung me from the school climbing frames, By the neck!, and only let me down just before completely stopped breathing.
I don't think I've ever met anyone else that was bullied as bad as that. I didn't even see any point in telling my parents about the hanging for quite a while. I knew they would go and have a go at the teachers, but just as the teachers did with me they'd obviously just ignore them. If I ever went to a teacher, usually the headmaster which I gave up on because he never listened to me; it was that the moment I stepped out the room the he acted as if I'd never gone in.
In nearly every assembly before school started he would go on about bullying saying it wasn't exceptable yet it seemed when it happened he ignored it.

I relocated (not because I was being bullied) and so kept changing schools and I was still bullied where ever I went. It's like the bullies passed the message on from one school to the next to bully a specific person.

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Jan 21, 2013