I Was Badly Bullied For 4 Years

I was really badly bullied throughout most of secondary school. I got so seriously bullied in my first school, that I had to move schools, but I just got bullied again at my new school until some point around year 11 things finally started to look up. It first started when I was in my first school. People would always use me as a huge source of their amusement. They'd always laugh at me, make me fool out of me and backstab me aggressively. They would always put photos up of me without my permission and lots of other people would make really personal and horrible comments on it, skitting me about how ugly I was. People would always go "BLEUGHH!" every time they saw me. Some people couldn't even stand to sit next me if they ever had to sit by me in class, they would make a massive fuss emphasizing how desperate they were not to sit next to me. Boys could be really rough as well, as they would say stuff like "Seriously,I'd rather be gay than go out with her!" This made me genuinely believe I was ugly, because why else would they be saying all this stuff? Also, a malicious rumour was spread about me that I had a period in the swimming pool at school. This was by one of the seriously manipulating,insensitive bitchy girls (as girls and boys had PE lessons seperately) who I absolutely hated for making my life a living hell. The rumour spread around the whole of year 8, as I would get people coming up to me sniggering,asking me if I had a period in the pool, including boys. Sometimes they would shout it. I was living in endless humiliation. Even after I moved schools, I had people messaging me on Formspring skitting me about having a period in the pool. I retaliated,but retaliating online is worthless, as they just continued every day. Humiliation is definetly one of the worst types of bullying. Eventually, I moved schools,hoping I could get away from the current hell I was in. But that wasn't the end of it. I would have constant bitchiness throughout the whole of my first year at my new school, as it was an all girls school. I even had a big crowd of girls storm into the library and corner me aggressively, because the main leader heard that I had been saying that she had been mean to me which she had, but I have no idea who was telling her all this. They were very threatening, as they looked at me furiously, hands on their hips, trying to overpower me. I honestly could never trust anyone in that school that year, as anything perfectly true i said, would just get spread around and I'd have girls ganging up on me constantly, 2 or 3 times that year. Another time literally everybody in the year turned against me, as someone had twisted something I said which lead to another but smaller group of girls ganging up on me. Every time i tried telling someone, they would just point out how it was my fault and I shouldn't of accused these girls. Nobody wanted anything to do with me. I also had these girls pressuring me to do this absurd dance I just did one time in a drama lesson, as someone had asked me to, no matter how much i would weakly resist, they would still pressure me to do it and tried videoing me. People would always go on about how I always caused trouble, believing I was a horrible person, which made me even more self concious, now feeling that I was ugly on the inside as well. Things worsened as I would later get cyber bullied, as people commented on my photos sarcastically and having their friends like the comment, but not the photo. That wasn't it. The worst I ever got was when this girl added me and I accepted,naive to the serious conseqences it would lead to. She suddenly popped up to me and saying "Eeee look at the state of you! You do know everyone's messing with ya head commenting on your pics saying you look nice, cos in reality you're so ugly it makes me sick. You think you're proper stunning but in reality your a fat,ugly freak who needs to get her teeth sorted. And some plastic surgery would be good as that face is looking a bit rough!" Unfortunately, this wasn't sorted. I didn't get to inform a member of authority about this,which I now regret, as she personally insulted me, in her own sick and twisted way, and she just got away with it. The photo humiliation continued. This girl also took a mug of me in school and sent it to all her contacts. Some boy I didn't even know who was friends with a lot of girls from my school though put this mug up of me without my permission captioning it with something very snide and had all his friends, bitchy girls and boys making really snide,sarcastice comments on it and laughing on it. I had a lot of cyber bullying, which was probably the worst, but I don't want to explain every story as I have gone on long enough. But I am just so happy my bullying hell is all over now. I have left school and am in college now, where I never get bullied, not even picked on. I feel very lucky to finally have a nice and normal life.
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Jan 21, 2013