I want to tell you my story!
I'm 15 my name is kyria I'm In The 9th Grade! Mixed! Athlete!
And I have/currently am being BULLIED

I was having the best year of my life.. And a girl named PS showed up! At first she seemed cool so we started hanging out! Little by little shed start asking for things I had and I'd give them to her just so she wouldn't talk about me! I finally stood up and stopped giving her thing but it got worse! She turned my friends against me and I was alone!
My 9th grade year came around (current grade) and the year started off okay! I met my best Friend Tiffany! And because she was friends with me PS
bullied her! I was miserable coming to school not knowing what was gonna happen next! The girl had a twin sister! And one day me and Tiffany where together! They jumped my best friend:'( my cousin was holding me back... Even though I was scared I knew she was scared the most! It was an 5 on 1 fight! After that she continued to bully me! But my friend had it worse! We/I was miserable! We both complained and cried to our mothers about leavin! Now I had been at this school since I was a baby and they had just arrived! I had suicide thought and I almost attempted.. I had given up on god and life! Me and Tiffany weren't the only ones! I had a friend named macie that had Been thrown across the floor by the girl and talked about like a dog!! One day our parents got sick of complaining to the school and took it to the big board! We had a big meeting with alot of parents of the children being bullied! Their was security and very important people! Her mom was their and accused us of bullying her daughter!!! In the end they gave her 45 days of alternative school! She returns Wednesday! And ima nervous wreck me and my friends have prayed and prepared for this day! And it's come! Wish us luck!

I just wanted to share this because bullying is no joke and you'll never no how I feel until you've experienced it for yourself! I WANNA RAISE AWARENESS BUT I CAN'T DO IT ALONE PLEASE HELP ME! IM BEGGING YOU!
13-15, F
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Its a horrible thing to get bullied, i myself have never been bullied, but everyone in school has seen it happen to others, but i guess have been too scared to report it or worse..stop it themselves. Both your mothers have gone to board with it and im SURE that it will be dealt with. She is a horrid person from the sounds of it, do not let her break your spirit. BE STRONG. good luck x

i feel sorry for u

are u ok

i know how u feel i get bullyed 2