My Horrific Story

In middle school (intermediate before junior high) like (7 years ago) I'm senior in high-school now, I was bullied everyday by these group of girls they called me names and said I had nappy hair and I was messy (all untrue) and yes I tried to stand up to them but failed because I was outnumbered but it was weird because they claimed they hated me one minute but would like talk or hang around me the next and even talked to me on the phone( I didnt tell them personal things just small talk) and I sort of self inflicted the pain because I wanted to be friends with them bcuz I didn't want them to hate me and at times bought their friendship (not often) but like it started when this one girl came to our school because before then everything was fine I even had a good friend but when she came everyone turned on me & would only talk to me if A) she did it or B) if she wasn't around so long story short I didn't really notice it until junior high towards high-school that the main bully and some of me other classmates where constantly reliving my past and turning people against and MOST people believe and even turn on me even if its not true why are they trying to ruin my life what did I do to deserve this treatment I try to stay strong and forget about it but it hurts I have friends (some close and associates) who don't believe it but like one of the girls that was in my class I went out with a Guy she dated( no idea she claimed she was gay but whatever) & repeated what I assume she told him but she always smiled in my face and tried to be friendly with me and I knew the girls because they always smiled in my face and I thought about. Confronting them but they were fake then and even faker now so what should I do I'm not the only one with a Rep. All of them have BAD REPS (really bad) but constantly relive mine as if it measures up like why do girls pretty much love to hate me they enjoy making my life miserable but break their necks to talk to me or be around me,Why?
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Well, I think the main part is, they're obviously not even close to real friends. If they say they hated you, then would talk to you, they're apparently ashamed to call you a friend, maybe you're not in their 'group' of populatirty status, pinch me I said that, popularity is probably the biggest joke ever, girls think their everything just because they dress nice and stay away from people who aren't like them. Yes I'm a girl :p I'm a freshman in high school this year, and I've always been bullied too, but the thing is to find friends that are there for you, even if it's just a Cat or Dog [: