The Pain That Is Murray

I was forced to move to a place called Chatsworth in Murray County Georgia, the worst town I've ever had the displeasure of living in. What was wrong with it you may ask?
The town was dying before I ever heard of it because 'wal-mart' would "ruin" the economy, they never heard of Martin Luther King day, believe the civil war is still continuing, and they hate non-Christian outsiders, which is where I fall. I'm a Pagan and didn't belong in that town and not a very sport oriented person, on top of that I have ADD, Dyslexia and two other mental disabilities (Not fully important) Because of these facts and I was the quiet reader type in school, I was targeted for various name calling, pranks and other teasings.
And not just from students, my middle school principal claimed 'I'd never amount to anything' and my own high school councilor said "Oh you have an LD, people with LDs can't go to college, here take these courses they're easier." I didn't stand for it and now due to the same kind of bulling a student committed suicide. So I implore you, if you're currently in school of any kind and being bullied, don't take it. If its because of religion or disability then you can threaten to sue. We shouldn't have to have gone this long to start dealing with bulling, schools are places of education, not for some to feel the world is against them! It's a tragedy we've allowed it to continue this long, but the first place it starts, is in the home. Parents need to set the right atmosphere for their children to stop this bull crap where it stands.
Zurea Zurea
31-35, T
Jan 23, 2013