Bullying Sucks

I was bullied so much through all of my primary school years that i gave up I refused to go to school. I would scream at my mum and if she actually got me into school i would run home or 'fake a sikky' I couldnt stand it. once a boy had a crush on me so what did he do, got his mates to gang bash me they grabbed my shirt collar and swung me around and around until i hit a pole. I had an astham attack after this and was sent home THANKGOD. Then the girls joined in...i was so ugly and fat and so on and so forth. I got so bad i was pleading with my mum to let me change schools. I did, i was still slightyly bullied but it was a smaller school than my first so bullying was targeted head on.

Then there was high school....

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I was bullied my whole life. People always called me weird, and I never had many friends. I begged my mom to home school me, and when I changed schools in jr high, it was worse. One boy who had a crush on me hit me with a book, another hit me with a skate board. In high school, I got into Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, I was kind of gothed out, so my mom told me it was basically my fault for choosing to stand out. We argued about that so much. I am 33 now and when my nephew had his own problem with bullying, she related that I had been bullied too, but I brought it on myself. It really killed me when he told me what she said, but I told him that nobody deserves to be treated that way, not for any reason. Everyone deserves respect, and looking back, I blame the school administration more for looking the other way.

You're not alone (view posted story), I have been bullied too. So sad many of us have been through the same thing. Shouldn't be like this, it's time for change, and we can do this by being good and helpfull to others ourselves.
Seek help or ppl you can trust, family member or others... I still have to work out some issues of my own, I know. We will get there! We just can't give up, otherwise they win!

I m sorry the way they treated you,i hate bullies too..Don't feel alone my friend..!

I just feel like you were.

I too was bullied in school for 12 years, not only by fellow students but also by PE Teachers. I am sorry this is still happening today, and to you.<br />
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Unfortunately these incidents won't go away, you will remember them for the rest of your life, I know I do. It's been 23 years since I graduated HS and still remember not only what was said by people but I can still hear their voices in my head when I read other peoples experiences. <br />
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I think this has a lot to do with why I am still single, I still have trouble trusting any one. In fact the last girl friend that I trusted to tell about my medical problem, humiliated me in public the next day about it. <br />
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Good Luck in Life

Sorry my friend,I too was bullied for years and had to take medications,that only got worst,please don't feel lonely..thats all i say..

i am so sorry but hey let those stupid people know you are human and that you didn't go to school to be bulied:)

I have been bullied since fourth grade. I feel bad about u because I knew how it felt.

pretty sad. understand how you feel. was the hardest time of my life. just the thought of going to school. would make me puke. and get sick.

~ that's terrible. I'm sorry<br />
i hope your life is better.

ive only been bullied once.....but im gonna try to change everything and just help others out:) im so sorry what happened to you!

:( <br />
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I also was forced out of my school, but it was secondary. The bullies moved on and could take ten GCSE's when I felt I couldn't go into mainstream, so took five. Half the usual amount that employers want to see. But I worked hard since school and have got college diplomas.<br />
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I've learnt through counselling you need to accept yourself. So what if you're not thin. So what if you're not the prettiest. If you can accept yourself then the opinions of others shouldn't matter. I hope you've learnt that now. I've come to accept myself. Okay, I did hate my spots, but I went and found the medication to get rid of them. I lost some weight, it's still ongoing because there's chocolate. Who can deny chocolate too and the good old pizzas, or greasy KFC? But so what. We're all different. <br />
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Be happy with who you are. If you're not, others won't be able to accept you. But if you are happy with yourself, don't you dare let bullies drag you down again.

You ever tell anyone?

I was bullied at school - at high school - but not as much as you. Hope you are ok now x

This makes me sad. It must have been so awful for you to go through that, especially as a child :(