Glue In Hair

I was 15/16 and a boy put glue in my hair in class. He put glue all over a piece of paper in technology class, then lay in wait till I moved from my seat, chased me into a corner of the room, so I was cornered. Then he slapped it down on my head. Everyone cheered. I tried to leave the room but being the small skinny boy, I was dragged back and frogmarched to a far corner of the room, where I was forced to fight a boy much stronger than me. I was so annoyed that I actually landed a kick on him and he was so surprised that he let me go pretty soon after!
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2 Responses Jun 8, 2013

Cheers! You defended yourself. They were testing you an probably thought you wouldn't defend yourself and that it would be fun to watch you get beat up. I'm glad you did something. I wish I did.

Hey, thank you. It was an unusual moment for me but a good one I suppose.

Its good that you stood up for yourself... Well done!


Your welcome... how do u do it though? Where does the courage come from?

Well in that case I was just so pissed off cause they had put glue in my hair and I just did something uncharacteristic. Normally, if a group of them came up to me I just froze to the spot and had no way to defend myself. But putting glue in my hair and then beating me up, I just couldn't let that happen, too much. Sometimes you just feel you've had enough and those reactions will come.