7 Years of Pain

On my first day of Pre-K I walked up to a girl in my class and said, “Hi, I’m Nicole.” Rather than Introduce herself she said, “I hate you freak.” Soon after she began throwing the wooden bocks at me, and only the triangular ones. One day I was playing with blocks and my tower fell down. I then called the blocks stupid. Hannah was in range to hear me and ran off to our rather mean assistant teacher and said that I had called her (Hannah) stupid. I was then put in time out for the rest of the day. In Kindergarten we were again in the same class, she bit me everyday, enough to draw blood, she also poured orange drink on my stuffed rabbit, so I had to was it in the sink (it was a white rabbit). She also stole my crayons, nap blanket, and lunchbox. Come first grade we were no longer in the same homeroom, but were in the same math class for half the year, she would kick me under the desk and broke all my pencils, then stabbed me with the pieces. On day when some friends and I had dug to the bottom of the sandbox she buried me. In second grade we were in the same art class, she would flip my paintings upside-down or rip them in half. She also pushed me down the stairs and hit me with sticks. In third grade we were in all the same classes. She rewrote “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” to be “Ding Dong Nicole Is Dead.” She also set me up and I was punished multiple times for things I never did. In forth grade she stole my math homework and cheated off my tests. That year a bunch of new kids also came; she turned all but two against me immediately. Finally in fifth grade he pushed me into Boxwood bushes and we weren’t supposed to touch them, plus I was allergic to them, she also poured hand sanitizer on my chair so that it looked like I had wet my pants. She also though various types of animal dung at e, and pushed me onto large rocks each day On a field trip she pushed me off a boulder I had been climbing and stamped on my foot, it broke. At the end of the year she nearly drowned me in the pool, and poured pink die on my clothes, I hate oink, so I went home in my bathing suit and class tee shirt. Now she sends me messages via kids at my school that she knows, and through face book. She also tells people who I have never met to make fun of me, and they do. All, this has caused more than just seven years of pain, but only seven involved physical pain. She has bullied me for ten years now.


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Good lord, that's awful! No one should have to live with that! <br />
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It's very strange that in kindergarten she automatically decided to hate you, not even knowing a thing about you...That's not normal, especially for a little kid. <br />
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Since you've grown up with her, and she doesn't seem to be going away, ignoring her isn't an option. The only options you have are to move away, which is very unlikely, or to take a stand, which is easier said than done. I suggest self-defence classes; they have them at rec centers, the Y, and sometimes even at the library. If that's not available to you, taking books out of the library on self-defence is helpful. Even if she doesn't physically abuse you anymore, there's always the chance that she could start again, or someone else could, and it is always good to know how to defend yourself. <br />
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If it's verbally, then that's the easy part. Whenever I know or think someone will insult me in the future, I sit down in front of a mirror or on my bed and think up some comebacks. An example would be:<br />
<br />
Mean Girl:"You are soo ugly, [curse word or insult here.]"<br />
you:*Raises eyebrows.* "Are you wearing your glasses today?"<br />
Mean Girl:"You retard, I don't even wear glasses."<br />
You:*Smirks*"Well then, maybe you better start."<br />
<br />
Something along those lines, it doesn't have to be anything fancy. (You should also think of what to say if she gave a different response.) One thing that annoys people more than anything else is if you act casual, smile, smirk, and laugh when they insult you, it drives them up the wall because they're not being taken seriously and treated like a child. This is also where self-defence is handy, because they might want to beat you up to 'get back' at you. The saying "There's safety in numbers" is also true, so finding a few pals to watch your back is helpful if possible. (Be careful about what you say around 'friends' though, because they could always turn on you.)<br />
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Now, you might think, "Why didn't she include telling some as an option?" Well, I assume that you've probably already done that, for one, and for two; it hardly ever works. In fact, it can make things much worse. If you're ever been sexually harassed or need help reaching out to a friend doing drugs or something, then telling someone is the best thing you can do, but with bulling, it's almost always a different story. If you haven't tried it and you think it'll help, go for it. <br />
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So, there are your options, I hope this helps in some way. And remember, "It's better to die standing than to live on you knees" In your case it means it's better to fight back and be bullied, than to do nothing and be bullied. God Bless.

guRLLL u have to teach her some respect she almost killed you light her hair on fire then blow itout....cut it off.kick her in the shin punch her in the face spit in her ear and bite her wrist draw blood and then run away run back and scream OH MY GOOD HANNAH ARE YOU OK?