In middle school and in high school. I've always had anxiety and depression since I was young and it didn't help when kids were picking on me. It started when my sp*rm doner got kicked out by my mom because he was a cheating alcoholic. And my mom went with my "friends" dad. She didn't like that, so she made my life a living hell. I wasn't bon with a silver spoon in my mouth so I didn't have the best clothes and I started dressing gothic and tomboyish, so they would make fun of me for that, I constantly had her friends coming up to me and asking me all these questions and just screwing with me. I started cutting then. I dint want to go to school at all I was so depressed, and the school didn't do a damn thing. So we moved. I made friends the first day and go figure they were the outcast lol (my kind of people). We were the 'goth' kids It was 7th/8th grade and in the south. We got severely bullied. They would throw bibles at us, call us devil worshiping lesbian freaks etc we heard it all. And all the teachers hated us and didn't help us at all when the other kids would screw with us. Then in high school freshmen year the group got split up, and I had no classes with any of my friends. So they picked on me hardcore. I had lunch in the bathroom, and then I started doing drugs and got homeschooled for like a month and then I moved back up north and made a lot of juggalo/lette friends and got a lot of attention from guys. So I wasn't really getting bullied then, it just switched to being called a ****. You cant ever catch a break can ya? Oh well because of that and the drugs I dropped out of school. I swear if I was rich I would try and stop all these little **** bullies and raise awareness for the victims. The hardest part id have to say is one of my friends actually killed himself, he shot himself in the heart and his mentally challenged brother found his body. He was picked on severely too, but found no way out. God rest his soul man
UnstableSammi UnstableSammi
26-30, F
Aug 20, 2014