It never fails to amaze me when you come across someone as an adult who was a complete ******* to you as a kid.. And now they act like you were the closest of friends.
It was hard growing up as a red head with buck teeth and freckles, from a family that barely managed to keep food on the table.
But the one thing I will never forget was the little boy who stood up for me in eighth grade. Once again the kids laughed at me, this time because I finally got braces. "Those better stay on forever one said." "Yeah, and couldn't they do anything about your hair or those spots?" His friend replied.
Then the boy everyone looked up to, a popular kid, stood up out of no where and said, "you know one day when we are older she's going to be hot and you are going to still be mean and stupid."
While I don't consider myself hot, I do know that when I see those people now, their reactions to me are a lot different. And instead of playing along with the "oh we were such good friends" bit. I always pretend I don't remember them at all. My graceful way of giving them the middle finger.
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You go girl!

Thank you! :)

Tha happend to me like i was the geek with the big head and the game boy and everyone used to laught and point at me and this kid named kevin used to bullie me like every time he used to see me he used to push me around and slap me i the back of my head saying "did u feel that...? hahahah of cours u didnt cause ur head is soo big". And as we were growing up he was the cool popular guy that used too get all the girls and everyone used to like him. and he used to skip class and go out to the movies while i used to be the geek that stayed 3 hours after i got out of school in the libaty just studying hard and pushing myself cause my familly was poor and i wanted to change that soo every day i used to push my self more and more lerning everything that i could in school. long story short i saw keving the cool guy that always used to ski class 2 years ago in a stop light o my work to work and he remember me and i just looked at him and gave him a 100 buck and keep walking.

:) that's awesome on your part. I was the kid in the library too.. Funny how us "geeks" turn out so well and the "cool" kids never really change.

I think i would have been awesome if we wolud have meet while we were in middle school lol. I could have already see us sticking up for each other lol
ad i may have change physicly but i am still a geek at heart lol

That would have been great. Definitely would have made a good team. And me too still a total geek. I even still play super Mario sometimes.

Lol i still play pokemon on my gameboy advance when i have free time xD

That's awesome!

Lol just don't tell nobody xD ;)

Your secrets safe with me handsome. And don't tell anyone I still like the library...

*As he whispers* Ok beautiful i'll keep ur secrets and you keep mines ;)

Deal she whispers back smiling

xD ^_^


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