My Brother Bully Me Alot.

Well one when I was 9. My brother bully me. Well we  was at home and parent was gone. My brother and his friend was over. My brother walk over behind me as his friend look at me. Well I was wearing a black shirt and blue pant. My brother dig in my pant and grab my panties. He pull them up as his friend laugh at me. He said wedgie. It hurt as I felt my panties goes up my butt. He kept pulling my panties up. As my face turn a little red he put me down. Well I dig in my pant to fix my panties but as I fix my panties. My brother pull down my pant. My brother said pant as my brother's friend laugh at me as they saw my pink panties.So I pull my panties up. My brother gave me an wedgie(the hardest one he give me) and hung me on my door in my room. So I try to get out but that made the wedgie get deeper in my butt. I was stuck there for a whole hour before my parent came saw me and got me down. When I got down my underwear stuck in my butt. So I whet in my room, took out my wedgie and whet to my brother's room and listen as my parent grounded him for 5 week.

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Please use proper grammar

Hopefully your brother gets a good punishment
Good luck !