I Wanted to Be Just Like You

In 3rd grade I really looked up toa group of girls and I wanted to be just like them. They were the "it chicks".They were so pretty and cool and just better than me in my eyes. After taking the blame for stuff they did I was in but no there was one more thing I neded to learn to take pain. & learn about boys..older boys.I was around the age of eight and they broght a 13 year old boy and had him kiss me and put his tounge in my mouth and I was a little extra developed so he was felling my chest....Then they said he was theirs so theycalled me a **** and ***** smaked me punched me kicked me in the face then one pulled out a knife and I knew i was in big trouble so i ran they didnt follow they laughed and called me dirty words from behind. I ran to my sisters best friends house(closest)and she took care of me then drove me home but that was not the end Me and my only friendin school were verbally abused to the point where we changed schools................Im scared to be alone....

SilencedFearther SilencedFearther
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2 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Yes I know but thoose are the type of girls that will beat you up more if you tell.....and they forced him on me the chest thing was his doing but i more blame them and im older now.........and i know self-deffense soo but i feel physically voiolated and cant trust a man ever.

That was blatant sexual assault that you endured. Didn`t you have family to turn to? If you didn`t then I can relate, as I was the victim of some pretty violent bullying myself. My parents never came to my aid, or offered much in the way of help. This ruined my trust in people every bit as much as the bullying.<br />
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As a father myself, I would step in and do what was needed, if bullying was having an impact on my son. Even if that meant pressing charges. A 13 year old boy doing that to such a young girl is a blatantly illegal act, and in my view the police should have been involved.