I Was Bullied!! (more Like Teased)

this is something that i have always struggled to tell anyone about!! even my own mother doesnt know about this!! i have told one or two people, but i have never really gone into detail about it!!!

when i was in high school, i was always this quiet shy type of guy, and that made it easy for this group of girls to tease me!!! they used to tell me that i was ugly, and they used to lift their skirts up at me, and every time i looked, or even just tried to push any of them away from me, they used to just say things like "yeah, like you have a chance, you're too ugly" and so on!!! it sucked big time!!!

im now 28, im still a virgin, and ive never had a girlfriend in my life, not cos i still think of myself as ugly, but cos i get flashbacks every time i see a girl i like, and i just think that although i like myself as a person "she wont"!!! and although i dont think of myself as an ugly guy "she will"!!! now i realise that at the time of the bullying, these girls were just young and immature brats, and i forgive them!!! but its just that the mental scars are still here, and i just cant seem to get rid of them!!!

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well, thank you very much *neurotic2010*!!!! (((hugs))) hehe

omg! as I said before, I hate those girls! they shouldn't have said that, you are the best! next time give the women who seem interested in you a chance before you think she'll think that about you, I think you'll be surprised.

thanks or your comment glassbubble!!! i totally get what your saying, but these flashbacks just come into my head, and i cant help it!! i sometimes wonder if i really have forgotten all about these girls that teased me, and if deep down inside i really have forgiven them!! i just dont know what to think anymore!! its driving me mad, knowing that im now 29 yrs old, and never had a girlfriend!! sometimes i just think that im not good enough for a gilfriend, and that maybe i should turn gay, but when i think about that, i get so depressed to the point that i conteplate suicide, cos ive never had feelings for any man in my life!! i love women, and i really do need one in my life, i just dont know what to do!!! thanks for your comment!!!

Yes, they were immature. I think maybe one of the reasons they made fun of you is because they could tell you were shy and wanted to throw it in your face; like when a taller kid takes a little kid's backpack and holds it up where he can't reach it, just to remind him he's shorter. <br />
<br />
I know how you feel though, growing up I was called 'retard' 'moron' stupid' and so on by other kids, and there is still a little part of me that believes them. But for the most part, I don't. Because I know they're wrong, just like you know those girls were wrong. They just said that to hurt you, it didn't matter if you were ugly or not. And even if you are, I can see from just this one post that you are thoughtful, and forgiving, as well as having virtue, (And being shy isn't necessarily bad either, more often than not, shy guys are very sweet, gentle, and kind.) and someone will love you for that, no matter what you look like. A wonderful person like you has no reason to be haunted by what some rude little brats said, especially by something thats not true.