Outcast From Previous Town

This is probaly the most difficult experience to write about.  I was bullied from Kindergarten until just recently, hope this stops.  I was bullied in school because my adoptive Mom dressed me in fancy dress clothes.  I am a male.  I was dressed in suits or Sunday Best clothes for public school.  This included dress shoes and a bow tie.  This meant I couldn't play on the playground with others for fear I would get my good clothes dirty.

Other kids didn't like me because of the way I was dressed.  There were a couple of boys that removed the cover of storm drain on the playground and held me over the opening.  This happened about three times, the last time they actually dropped me in; I'm not sure if they meant to or not.  These incidents occured when I was in first grade.

When I entered Jr. High, I changed my apperance after the first month by wearing the blue jeans I had for after school.  I refused to wear the dress clothes to school, despite my Mom's arguements.  I wasn't bullied anymore because of my good clothes though.

But one of my classmates who was a real (jerk) (you can substitute whatever word you want ) thought it would be funny to bump into me while I was in the bathroom, standing at the urinal.  The bump was hard and deliberate; though he told the teachers and principal that it was an accident.  The only accident about that was the one he made me have.

High school wasn't much better; I had problems on the school bus.  I was one of the oldest and biggest stuidents on the bus and capable now of defending myself; but when I did, I would be the one in trouble.  First, it was a little kid behind me who used the seat back and my head as his drum set.  I turned around to tell him to stop doing that, holding my arm out to keep him from doing it; the bus driver grabbed me and kicked me off the bus for 10 days.  After this other little kids would do things like stick me in the legs with pins or other pointed objects from under the seat.  If I even reacted, I was kicked off the bus.  One little kid even said something about having me kicked off the bus once; when I jestured for her to move on with my hand I was kicked off the bus because the bus driver thought I was trying to hit her.  Anybody else ever face reverse discrimination bullying?

During my senior year of High School, I borrowed one of my parents cars and drove to school.  Like most of the seniors, I only had classes during the morning.  I was able to go home early, provided I had some kind of after school job.

College was much better, no bullying there.

As I finished college, my Dad died from cancer just before I graduated.  A year later my Mom had a stroke which left her mentally impaired.  My Mom had to be in adult foster care.  We had a farm which we lost due to my Mom's medical bills.  My Mom passed away earlier this year. 

I was in a car accident where I got a broken leg and then was found to be diabetic.  I was suppose to get a good job after college graduation, since I had made the Dean's list.  But recovering from the broken leg, the job went to someone else.  Then since no employer wanted to cover my medical needs for being diabetic; or for the most part, have to cover my Mom's medical needs, I could only find work at minimum wage without benefits.  I am now self employed, but need S.S. benefits to help pay my medical bills.

Some people in my community didn't like the idea of me getting S.S. benefits.  The building I had set up my business had deteriorated and was torn down.  A single wide portable building was put in its place, to small for my business to continue.  I then took care of another business man's property in exchange for rent for a place to live.  Having no money, I had to collect pop bottles and cans to get food to eat.  An alcoholic from a bar thought I was someone else he had a vanditia with.  While collecting pop bottles and cans, this alcoholic attacked me.  I avoided his blows until he hit me over the head with a 2x4.  I was put in the dumpster.  I came to minutes later and went to the police.  The alcoholic had a record for previous assults and they arrested him.  I was taken by ambulance to an emergency room for stitches to a gash on my head.

People in the community didn't like the idea of me being in a fight with the alcoholic.  I was banned from a grocery store, then I was fired from taking care of the business man's property.  I ended up at a Residential Treatment Center until S.S. gave me an additional amount to get an apartment and enough for food.

A nearby Author wrote a book titled "Trial of Friends".  This book seems to be a help to me.  I can relate to some of the events this author mentions in this book.  The book even has questions at the end of the chapters that ask how you would handle the situations.  The book is a suspense novel about three young boys who were bullied.  An accident occurs in a park bathroom which results in the death of one bully and serious injury to the other.  The three young boys are charged with attacking the bullies.  But the truth is finally told by the surviving bully while he recovers at the hospital.  The bully is requested to apologize to the three young boys and a new friendship between them begins.  Or is this just a way for the bully to get out of trouble?  The book can be ordered on-line at www.publishamerica.com.

I would recommend this book to anyone who was bullied or who have children who might be bullied.


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I'm really sorry for what you've been through. I thought I had problems. I suggest you move away to start a new life. I was also bullied since elementary school all the way through middle school. Things aren't so though now, but you really have Heaven earned. You've already been through hell. I hope things get better.

Doing better since I posted this. Heaven earned since God is helping through this. Pray everyday that God will though your problems too.

Your story is so sad. I was also buliied. First by my stepfather, then by the kids on the school bus, then we moved from a small town to a large city. <br />
<br />
When I was around 12, I had large breast and this one girl would raz me everyday. <br />
<br />
She started rumoring that I stuffed myself. This went on in the morning when I walked to school. At lunch time when I went home from lunch. When I rteturned to school after lunch. When I went home after school. She always had a large group of fans that increased every week. <br />
<br />
As soon as she laid eyes on me , she would mock me. She pushed me, she poked me with her finger and said, come on, lets fight. Her folllowers would chant, fight, fight, fight. <br />
<br />
Not fun. It went on for months. Until finally one day, she threw me on the ground, pulled up my top to expose my breasts and squealed, "Oh, there're real, What a freak!"<br />
<br />
Then everyone one was grabbing at me. And laughing, and made me the joke of gathering.<br />
<br />
I utter to imiagine what would have happened if the crosswalk guard had not come to my resue. I was humiluated. It affected me like you cannot even imiagine. <br />
<br />
I understand what you went through, not fun or pleasant. Hard to overcome.

Things are going a little better beadieweediewoo. Thanks for your comment. Leave another when your mind unlocks.

I was harassed horribly badly by Hispanics when I came out at my public school and it was horrible. Other times in my life weren't so hot for bullying either. I was bullied by an In N Out Burger employee before and there were a couple times it felt they were taking his side since he had been there longer, that's the closest I can relate on the reverse discrimination thing though. Is that book related at all to "Sleepers"? I saw some of that movie but not all of it and the plot sounds similar from what I've heard. It sounds like you've been through some really horrible trials and nobody deserves any of that; but I do believe you will be a stronger and more confident person in the end. A college counselor told me once she felt bullying and hard times was like chiseling a diamond in that it makes you see and become good parts of yourself you didn't know existed. Trials really do build character and the opposite is horrible. I've known people who have lived sheltered lives that crumble when they have an actual problem and it isn't pretty. It is possible to be glad that you and I can be better then that. Anyway good luck to you and I wish you well, and you can private message me if you want to talk further.