7 Years Of Hell, It Made Me Who I Am Today.

Wow lucky me, 7 year of bad luck!

When I was in grade one the bullying started, it was just form oen person, but it got worse, he would just randomly call me ugly which made me sad then but now I ignore it.

Grade 2, my best friend became friends witht he new girl and turned on me, they would mock me and then say sorry and ask me to hang out and then do it again the next day.

Grade , I became friends with girls who were not exactly bullies but liked making trouble so whenever I didn't make troubel with them they would make my life hell and not to mention calling me bad names and actualy pushing me around.

Grade 4, the teachers dind't give a crap that I was to scared to even show up to school, that was the year the final bully came to school he was a boy and called me names and chased me around the school knowing that I had weak lungs and when I finaly escaped by running into the girls bathroom he mananged to come in far enough to kick me in the stomach.

Grade 5, the girls who started the bullying in grade 2 had a bigger group and they ALL bullied me, eg. They wouldn't do thigns that a teacher would take seriously msot of the time, and my teacher didn't give a crap, and the would treat me like crap and then spread rumors and even built up te courage to make fun of me infront of other parents.

Grade 6, lets jsut say I'm sooo greatful for having the bets teacher in the world, I almost had to sit next to one of the girls for the whole year but I told my teacher what she would do and made sure I would be no where near her. BUt she still managed to do harmful things, everytime I looked up they would, 'try' to imitate my 'look' which was the one and only insult that never failed to hurt me.

And the boy that physically hurt me, he actual grabbed a thick tree branch and threated to kill me if I didn't leave the school.  And finaly when 2008 came I thought everything would be different, new school, new friends. And I was right but I still had a group of girls (all girls school) who would mock me whenever I made a simple mistake and even more bad, they made the same insults I had heard my intire life.

And now guess what, I'm being homeschooled because I couldn't take it anymore, I was scared to go to school so I faked being sick allot.

But what I realized is, even though I went through 7 years of unbelievable hell, it made me who I am. I know how to handle bullies now, and I have heard jsut about every insult in the book and I'm much different,  years ago, I wouldn't cried when someone bullied me, now I jsut laugh at their faces and tell them that they must like me enough to waste their time insulting me, lol.

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Um tf? A dude kicked you in the stomach and hit you with a tree branch for no reason? That's crazy.

it's very good that you came over it, myself i thought i was over it but so the latest year i started to think about it again. it have made me very sad, I guess it's because my life is really good now and then when i compair with the terrible school years i have had it brings me down very much. i even have to go talk with a psykologist sometimes.. I had also unfair teachers who often took the bullies side.. But we all must fight, because probubly theese bullies will get their punishment sometime in life. Like me for example i'm now at university doing very well, having friends from whole world while they still hang around in my old neighbourhoos were i grew up having no work, no money living by their parents. They will all end up without work and stay and go no further. Often the bullied persons are the ones that will make big success in their lifes. many celebrities and people who gone far have theese experiences of beeing bullied. I have also heared all stupid things on the list, but this list often suites on the bullies themselves. I now know exact how to handle bullies, but it took me many years like for you.. I was bullied most of my schooltime but i'll never let anyone bully me again.

What an amazing story. You deserve to be proud of yourself.

Yup, you have become whole lot more stronger than before. It's really hard to imagine what you had gone through. However, i do hope that you'll continue to be confident of yourself and stay positive! Well Done!!! =D

Its sad that kids stoop so low to bully those who don't diserve it, you are clearly stronger than you use ot be and I'm happy that you didn't let it destroy your life. =)<br />
I don't know you but I'm proud of you =p

wow, I feel for you, I can't imagin being bullied for that long. I'm so happy that you are able to overcome it now. =)