Sexual Bullying

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This is my first time here too.

I do remember being bullied from Grades 6 to 9. I have been called names. But people made fun of my voice. However, the one type of bullying that effected me more has more of a sexual content to it. I am going to make this story brief since I know that it still happens to, not only girls but boys too. And there is the delemma of making what I will say in the future adult or not.

But I have to tell you that the sexual bullying has effected my relationship with men. And I am also wondering if anybody here has had some sexual bullying experiences. I'll probably keep this post PG. Whomever response will have to decide whether they want adults to read it only. Besides, I think that kids should also pay attention to this form of bullying.


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Back in my day peopled got bullied all the time. In fact in the 5th grade this big fat kid, wont say his race but that doesn't matter, went around bullying every kid in class. He was bragging about this in class on how he bullied every kid. I spoke up and said," you haven't and will not bully me". I knew that he would bully kids and when the teacher came up he would act all nice and secretly threaten the kids if they said anything. So he came up to me and I told him if you want to bully me meet me outside the school property so I can kick your *** and no teacher will break up the lesson I am going to teach you. Well, the news got out around the entire school about a fight that was to be outside of the school property. Before the last school bell rang you would have thought that everybody was going to see a George Foremen fight, I am surprised bets wasn't placed. Anyway, I showed up and so did the bully, to this day I don't even think a punch was thrown, if I did I don't remember, but I do remember seeing the backside of the bully running away from me, and literally ran out of his shoes while he was running through mud to get away from me. I was always taught no matter what happens, stand your ground and never back down. The bully never bullied again after that, and I was like a hero of the school, I did not want to take any credit, I was not going to let this bully keep on bullying.

Chris, that was remarkable, fair play to you.

Would that parents could stop their children from bullying. Probably the kids are bullying because their parents bully them. There is no easy answer to this probem. I am so sorry The number of individual cases where the bullying stops are small compared to those where it doesn't. Racial, gender and ethnic hatred contribute to the bullying.

there was this girl in high school in manila who was always doing a parody of my pronunciation, not because i'm bad but because i'm good. everytime i answer in class i would hear her whispering behind me and copying what i'm saying. i'm not the confrontational type so i told my aunt about it and she was the one who confronted my classmate. i know i was a wuss i know that but doing it myself might make things worse. the bullying and insults stopped, thank God.

afa111,<br />
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Parents do teach their kids about tolerance. But the problem is that we have the media saying what is cool and what is not. And besides, bullying comes from the bully being jealous towards the victim.

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I think its totally unacceptable to bully in any forms <br />
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Parents should bloody well teach their children not to bully from day one its also government responsibility and the bullys parents - the effects can be devastating just because one is different - its a gift from god to be different each individual is different and everyone should respect that <br />
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Should have a big poster saying RESPECT to everyone.

Canadiangirl,<br />
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I do sympathize with you and I do wish that everyone else would realize what they say to others in a negative way, does have an impact on us. But we live in a society where no one cares about other people's well being.<br />
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For me, I had a voice problem from the age of 8 or 9 to 25, that also was the reason why I was bullied. It's hard to explain now, but I sounded like a nervous little when I spoke. And when I tried to speak up between ages 11 to 14 (Which was when the sexual and physical contact bullying really happened), they thought that my voice was a joke.<br />
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It took me going into Drama, A Voice class, and Directing Students audition for my voice to be of that of a normal adult female.<br />
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As for social phobia, yeah, I am still shy and I do express my low self-esteem to others because of my past sexual bullying.

I was sexually bullied.<br />
I've always struggled with my weight, I have a thyroid disorder and many other health problems. So for my whole life I was always made fun of for being fat.<br />
When I got to Highschool I fell into a bit of depression since I had no friends. Then in Science class I started to hear two guys talking about me in a sexual context, then they would laugh and talk about how disgusting I, and those thoughts were. I was 15, already insecure, and it was a blow to hear them say those things constantly in class.<br />
Not too long after there was an instance where all the lights had to be shut off for an experiment. Lets just say that verbal insults weren't enough for them. Stupidly I said nothing and shut myself off for 6 months.<br />
Now I've been out of school for well over a year because I have social phobia, agoraphobia and PTSD. I was an honour student, and now I will have to stay multiple semesters in school beyond when my fellow classmates will have graduated.<br />
People don't stop and think of what they can do to someone else's life, I have to be living proof of that everyday. There is no justice in that. I've lost two years of my life now that I won't ever get back.<br />
Having to stay behind in school I could live with, the thing that angers me the most is the absolute terror I have to endure when faced with the simplest social situations. Not to mention the nightmares and panic I feel when I come into contact with anyone of the opposite sex.

lol :P some just dont get it its like hitting a punchin bag they keep coming back harder an harder till they finally drop dead

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I wish that there was an easy solution to bullying, but there isn't. <br />
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You're right though, bullies do what they do because that is their way that they cowardly want attention.

Bullies are cowards ..plain and simple<br />
The sooner you confront them back the better.<br />
It only takes one time with the right agressive move to bring them to tears in public and they cower from that point on.

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I was thinking once I have kids to enroll them in the martial arts once they start school.

Hello fungirlmmm and michelle56,<br />
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I do think that all types of bullying is wrong too. I do think that we do need to address. I think that sexual bullying should be addressed more because that might end up being that the victim would be raped.<br />
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Now there is an experience that I can mention that is safe for kids to read.<br />
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I do remember when I was 13 years old. There was this girl that I sometimes talk to in school. She mentioned that she overheard one of the grade 9 boys says that he wanted to rape me after school. Now I remember going home half afraid and half not afraid. What I mean was that I was curious as to who was walking behind me, at the same time, I knew that (Since I hardly had any friends at the time) this boy doesn't know where I live. I ended up going home without any problems.<br />
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Now I am thinking that it was probably a Gym Locker Room Score Card dream or that the girl was just lying to me.<br />
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Anyway, I did digress. But as for sexual bullying to stop. I wish that it would, but like bullying there are stupid kids out there that will do anything for attention and would be bullying.<br />
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Another thing that I should mention for the bullied and the former bullied, ignoring the bully will not do anything. In fact, would you like to hear this "Are you deaf?"<br />
<br />
Ignoring the bully will provoke them to provoke you more.<br />
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What do you think of this and sexual bullying?

Any type of bullying in my eyes is just wrong. I was a little luckier than most I guess because I grew up in a smaller town and my mother and my aunts were all teachers so I guess bullies for the most part left me alone. Do you think that bringing awareness to this bullying would change what is happening or do you think there needs to be more done than just acknowledging it happens?