Withholding The Bathroom As Punishment = A Large Bladder?

I spoke with a guy several years back that told me about his childhood and how his father made him and his brother and sister hold their pee when they were bad. They were not allowed to use the bathroom from several hours and if they wet their pants they got the belt, plus had to repeat it the next day. This took place in the 1960s in a small town. Everyone knew about it and no one thought anything of it. In fact if the punishment was on a school day the father would walk them to class and tell their teacher not to let them go at school that day. When he would pick them up he would ask the teacher if they caused any trouble. If they did he would add more time on. All their teachers want along with it because in those day other adults respected other parents wishes. The younger kids got a shorter time, but the older kids had to sometime endure it from the time they got up until they went to bed drinking a normal amount that day. Even if they didn’t pee themselves they would get another day if they didn’t stay still and kept complaining. He told me they would sometimes have to go shopping and walk around while holding it. He also told me he was sent to bed once with a full bladder and ended up peeing in a towel.

I didn't ask him, but I bet he has a large bladder and can hold it for hours on end.
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Admittedly, a large bladder is an asset, but forced holding isn't the way to go about it. If you choose to hold voluntarily, that's a different matter.

As i went to school, it was like beardedpaul write, we did wear short shorts all the time, even it was cold.There was many experience, where boys was made to hold.I remember one of them, it was late afternoon and the boy in front of me asked the teacher at the beginn of a dopplelesson, if he could go to the loo. How ever the teacher saied "NO". The boy, he was about 15 to that time, beged the teacher to let him go, hi did not have a chance to go all day long and he need it very bad.The teacher saied "no again, a healthy boy at his age, should be able to hold it all day". The boy did take place and saied to the boy beside him, something like that his bladder is full to burst and it hurts so bad.The teacher could not hear what he saied, but he did punish the boy for speaking, he had to stand all the 2 lessons beside his chair.This boy did stand right in front of me, he could not stand still, his bare, slender boy legs was tight crossed, he rubbed his bony knees on each other, he could not hide how bad he needed to go and i had no mercy with him, i was not sorry for him, i was realy horny to see him suffer, to see him in his short shorts, to see his nacked, slender legs move from the need to pee, it was total arousing for me. Bad or? I think the teacher did feel the same, thats why he made him hold and stand beside his chair, to see him suffer, but a teacher should not use his authority to torture children.

I have ambivalent feelings about it; indignation and arousal at the same time.
Anyway, father should had go to the jail. Such a things are only good in fantasies or sexual play.

Child abuse was widely accepted by most societies only a generation ago. Beating your kids to discipline them was commonplace and keeping kids from using the toilet wasn't seen as unusual. Those parents from the older generation will of course end up in jail today in most parts of the world.

I know what thats like, it still happens. I'm in my early teens and ive never been allowed to use the bathroom once im ready for bed. Still kept in diapers for it so i dont have an excuse. If im in trouble i can lose my bathroom privaleges during the day, they keep me in diapers for it so at least i dont have to worry about it but i still really hate it. My parents are loving and caring. i just dont understand it some times

It's an extreme form of control that the adults want to exert over children, and potentially very damaging.

I guess you're lucky to be turned on by having been through it, now you're old enough to make your own decision. It's bizarre form of punishment though.