No Loo for my Boyfriend - I loved to make him wait !

Hi my name is Peter. Since i can think i like bulging and bursting full Bladders. I like pee holding extreme long and i like bladder torture. I love to fill my own bladder to the bursting point and i love it when slim boys and slim girls are forced to hold their pee for a very long time. My bladder can hold 1.25 liter and my longest hold was 31.5 hours. Now one of my experience.I was 19 and my friend was jounger then me.He was a real cute joung boy.He was skiny but he had a extra lage bladder.He could hold a lot of pee for a very long time and he was devote.We did spend a lot of time together.When my pernts was in our country hous he did sleep with me in the city.One day we did spend all day together and i did not give him one chance to pee.At the evning we went to the cinema.I organized it so that we was late and he had no time to go to the loo. I was shure that he needed but he was a good boy, he did hold it.When the film was over we went to sleep in our flat.I ******** my cloth and said "its time to go to bed"  he said" first i need the loo" -  i did not have a pee since 7 am. I told him that i need to pee too but our toilete is out of order, so we have to wait until tomorow. I asked him if he could hold it that long and he said he needed to go real bad but if there is no other way, he must hold it, striped his cloth and did come in my bed. At 7 am he did wake me up and asked me what he should to it hurts so bad he cant wait no longer, he must go now.The poor boy did not had a relive for longer then 24 hours, only to think about that made me horny. I said "try to sleep, its saturday to ealy to stand up.He groaned, grossed his slender smooth legs and sleeped again. At 9 am he said now he realy cant wait longer he cant stand the pain - his bladder is about to burst it hurts so much..I said let me feel if it is real that bad and pressed with my hand on his belly.His bladder was rock hard and it was bulging out between his bony hipbones, i pressed it and squeezed it, he did twine and he moanded but i had no mercy, i stocked his bladder and pressed my knee in his swollen abdomen. Nothing could turn me more on then torture the bladder of this skiny boy and he loved this torture he loved it to suffer. He did not pee for 26 hours and i made him hold it longer and longer.I did lay with all my weight on him and could feel the bulge of his bladder against my body.I loved it to make him wait and i did it many times. Sorry for my bad english. Peter!
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**** I'm horny!

His bladder was bigger then a football, it was bulging out but i did not let him go, i made him hold longer and longer he needed to go so bad and painfully but he did´t give in,he did all what a boy could do- not to pee, he did not **** in the bed. After 2 more hours of suffering and torture we went to my car.As soon as we was on the street he pissed between the parking cars.I was angry and sayed that he is not a little schoolboy to pee on the street, he must train his bladder and that is what i did with him many times. I think you would like it more when he could not hold it longer and pissed in the bed? I love that to when a slim boy or girl cant hold it longer and pee in the pants or in the bed, but i like holding more than wetting.

so what did he do to pee, did he give in and peed in the bed?