It Happens

Just when you've taken the slice from the toaster and that gorgeous seductive aroma is filling your nostrils, you take the knife and butter from the dish and rip ... a huge hole in the classic masterpiece of toast. 

It's usually marks the beginning of one of those days ... and the next thing will probably be when you drop the slice on the floor and it lands butterside down. 

It's then that you know it's probably best to go straight back to bed.
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22 Responses Oct 9, 2010

I know hawk ... life's trials.

That ripping a hole in the bread thing? Happens to me when I make sandwiches and usually when I am in a hurry. Big hole in bread, sandwich filling all over the bread board. Infuriating. ;-)

yes Cabcraft - toast is sooo tempting!!

And my comment was going to be "good ole Murphy" - but these are much better, I'm starving - off to make toast ... X@

Hugs to you Lily ... you are welcome hon!!

Thanks hawk for your Sunday morning take on religious observance - lol - my toast will be fine with you, I have comfort.

Toast and marmalade is about as near to a religious observance as I care to get.<br />
<br />
In winter months, the butter lives in the pantry with the marmalade. In summer, they both live in the fridge and the butter gets treated to 5 secs in the microwave as the toast cools. Butter belongs on toast which has cooled enough to let the butter retain its texture and colour. Can't have it running all over the place. <br />
<br />
There. WIB, just you stick with me; your toast will be fine ;-)<br />
Butter in the pantry, it will survive quite happily in there.

Monkey - I'm sure you don't need much help ... lol

I bet it makes him walk funny Orchid!

the toast as well Monkey? now that is kinky!!

I was waiting for someone to raise the subject of crumpets RS ... you get the trophy ... lol ... it's always good to start the day with a bit of rigidity too ... (did I say that or just think it?)

sounds yummy pix ... <br />
<br />
not a good way to start the day DEG

Throw the piece of toast into a hot frying pan and crack an egg to fill the whole...give it a gentle flip when the egg looks like it can take it, cook a bit more then put it on a plate, break the yolk and enjoy with a fork and knife, hehehe!

haha ... yes salar ... that was definitely one of those mornings ...

I know what you mean....W I once forgot to put my contact lenzes in first thing reached for the deodorent and gave myself an arm pit full of shaving foam .... :o)

oh yes roxanne ... I just love toast

But cold thick butter on hot toast is sooo nice.

I do know what you mean zaltfrog ... one of those days can start with many things.

I have a butter dish hlpflwthat ... I'm talking about when it comes fresh out of the fridge ... and being impatient ... just saying.<br />
<br />
That sounds like a great suggestion Coyote ... yum indeed.<br />
<br />
Thanks for the suggestion shannon ... a little juggling required ... and given that recently I was advised on another post not to walk and chew gum at the same time ... perhaps not one for me to try!I I did fill the kitchen full of smoke one time after putting a croissant into the toaster and got it stuck ... but that's another story.

i just set the near empty tub of butter on top of the hot toaster...I guess this wasn't the smartest idea, but as long as you take it off before the bottom of the plastic tub melts into the toaster or the toast pops up and splashes scalding hot butter all over you, then you're good to go :)

Whoa. Feel kinda silly.<br />
<br />
I was gonna suggest a butter dish. 8)

Thank you dragon ... great tips ... yes,of course, when the butter is too cold this is the end result. It would usually happen when I am being impatient and just don't wait for it to soften. My house is always warm enough for this to happen quite naturally ... and the butter in the dish gets eaten quickly enough to ensure a fast turnaround and that it doesn't get a chance to go off. The microwave option is probably one which I'd take if I need to get a quick result.