No way. I was in the I am a Plant Killer group Okay. I can't take care of plants but  I don't like it when  some one call me a fiend. I'm not a fiend.  I think fiend are rapist,serial killers, murderers, pyscho paths, moslers.

Boo to you for that comment.

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I never hear of World Protection of Plants. Well. They can report. I will just them I'm sorry if I can't take of plants. I promise I won't own any plants in the future.

Lol, they should have reported you to the World Protection of Plants rights Ltd, haha!

well. I wrote a story in I'm a plant killer. I guess that person think that I'm a fiend because I can't take care of plants.

S'pose it depends on what context the person was saying it in. Why on earth did he/she call you a fiend?

Maybe it was a typo?