How to You Respond to An EP Attack?



I was on my way to Grandma's house (riding my bike) when out of nowhere this big, bad wolf says he's going to rip me to shreds. He showed fangs and everything and said "Get out of these woods because you don't have the experience to be here!"

He then punched me in the stomach.

I returned with a hard punch to his nose.

Was I wrong?

Ok, that not exactly how it happened but read this...

[it amazes me that people who either a) do not share this experience or b) are undoubtedly asexual come here to dispense advice to those who are truly struggling with this experience. to the couple of posters on here who clearly don't understand, read through a hefty selection of stories on here so that you understand the devastating effects that your partner's rejection can have on your physica and mental well-being. serious depression, alcoholism, ******** self-esteem are some of the side effects of this. so the quaint and over-simplified platitudes need to be checked at the door.

and to the fool who is comparing love of one's "brother" or blood family member to that of your partner, you are aware that there are different types of love, correct? something tells me these "stay together at all costs" folks are most likely evangelical christians, whose backwards views of sexuality, intimacy, and gender equality have done as much to create problems in relationships as they have ever done in resolving such problems.]

I was wrong. I was punched (asexual reference), slapped (fool reference), and kicked (labeled an Evangelical) - now that hurts.

Do I have a right to say something?

WillPowers WillPowers
4 Responses Feb 22, 2009

WP, I cannot improve my game any further. My husband has lost his sex drive completely and there is nothing I can do about that. He is embarrassed, he feels he has let me down, he tells me he adores me, he tries to make it up to me in other ways. I am slim, said to be very attractive, fit and healthy and I never give up! I firmly believe that one day all of this will be fine and he'll return to form. I'm not going to elaborate any further, because I don't want to upset myself, I hope you get the picture.

Will, I am not one of your fans - I have told you bluntly on other posts that I think you are a bully. Now YOU feel you have been bullied - and understandably, you don't like it.<br />
<br />
May I say that this is a chance for you to understand how YOUR words affect others, too?<br />
<br />
I wish you would see that the "attack" (as you phrase it) was in response to some pretty harsh and insesitive things YOU have said. <br />
<br />
All of us on this site who truly live in Sexless Marriages are very frail in terms of personal strength, self esteem etc. Telling us to "pull ourselves up by our boot straps" is not seen as helpful.<br />
<br />
If you feel you have something of value to say to us, please post your OWN story of living in a sexless relationship. Describe what worked for YOU. Tell us how you are now coping and if you and your partner are now happy and fulfilled.<br />
<br />
This way we may yet learn from your experiences without being brow beaten, OK?<br />
<br />
And as KFC says:<br />
Take your EGO out of it, and you might actually have something really great to share.

WillP: I would say, this isn't a place for egos. People need to feel safe here. Right or wrong in your eyes or anyone else's people have a right to feel what they feel and this is a place (a safe place) to share those feelings.<br />
<br />
I think you came accross a little arrogant, I even felt that in our offline chat. Take your EGO out of it, and you might actually have something really great to share.

Please understand that this site lacks the hideous trolls that are on some other sites, and if a troll shows up, it does not stay long.<br />
I would say ....let the remark roll off your back like a duck sheds water.