Betty La Fea

(sigh) yes.. I had braces.. and yes.. I wear glasses but no.. I don't have very thick eyebrows or lips!

then, I had my braces removed.. but suddenly a gap appeared..

they couldn't call me ugly betty now can they?? yey for gap!!!!

amejad amejad
22-25, F
2 Responses Feb 19, 2010

yeah they could've but that would be cruel for her I think.. Its suposed to be a comedy.. I never say America Ferrera was real ugly tho.. Who am I to say that??<br />
<br />
braces SUCK coz it made a lisp out of me.. ;p ;p

I think she's pretty. For a show called Ugly Betty, they could've picked a woman who looked less pretty. Braces suck, don't they? I have a little gap in spite of my braces.