The Dreaded Bamboo Cane

Corporal punishment was a regular occurrence at home during the early years of my childhood, as was the norm back then in the 1970's. My mother was the one who did the smacking most often in our household. But for very serious offences which warranted a much more severe punishment, she would use a bamboo cane for this purpose. I never got the cane at school, and so my mother was the only person who ever put me through the terribly painful ordeal of being caned.

I was about 5 or 6 years old the first time she smacked my bottom with one of her bamboo canes after I had been very naughty. From that day on I was absolutely terrified of those occasions when my mother sentenced me to the bamboo cane, as she continued to use this brutal instrument to give me a good hiding when she thought I deserved it. Thankfully it was a rare occurrence though, and she stopped using the cane by the time I was 11.

Whereas other contributors say they continued to be caned by their mothers well into their teenage years, I now realise that my mother stopped caning me before my teens because I had become so afraid of the cane that the mere threat of it was enough to keep me on the straight and narrow. My mother had instilled this fear in me by mercilessly increasing the severity of my canings as time went by. At first she would make me bend over the chair or bed and cane my clothed bottom twice, but she then steadily increased the number of whacks up to a maximum of 6 so that the pain lasted longer.

Then one day when I was 7 years old and had been exceptionally bad, my mother said I was going to get a good hiding and ordered me to pull my trousers and pants down. At first I thought she was just going to smack me, but was horrified when she went and got the cane and I was in floods of tears after she made me bend over for three awfully painful strokes. From then on my mother thrashed me up to 12 times depending on how naughty I'd been and only occasionally caned my bare bottom for the most serious transgressions, but after a while she resorted to doing this every time. I think she felt that each time she gave me the cane the more harshly she had to punish me because I had still not learnt my lesson after the last time, and eventually this worked because I had become too fearful of the awful consequences to step out of line.

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Until the age of ten my mother spanked me frequently with her hand and various cooking spoons. But when I was about 12 she told me I could not longer be treated so leniently and I was commanded to buy a cane in our local shop. I was so ashamed that I hid it under my coat when I was walking home.

The instrument in question was about 1 m long, 1 cm in diameter and frightfully pliable and flexible. The bark was of a honey-golden shine.

The sheer existence of the cane was so frightening that I behaved for quite a long time. But then one evening my homework was considered to be of inferior quality and I was told to bend over the kitchen table. I was already wearing my pyjamas as ready for bed.

The first stroke was of excruciating pain – I yelled, leapt of the table and my hands flung to my backside. My father was summoned – he grabbed my hands and pulled me over the table while the blows of the cane descended on me, one after the other. My mother never counted the strokes when she was hitting me. I was crying at the top of my voice, tears were flowing freely, desperate promises were made by me but to no avail. Cut after cut of the rattan seared into my bottom.

And suddenly it was over. I was simply sent to bed. No word was spoken.

Half an hour later my father entered my room, told me to get up and lower my trousers. After having inspected the damage he just left – no word, no gesture, nothing.

The cane was never used again. What is left is a very painful and haunting memory – a memory that haunted me all my life and still plagues me. …

My mum never once broke the cane on my bum, but she always made sure it hurt like hell.

i bet she did so my mum and dad

oh yes i have been there i can tell you

If mum split or broke a cane across my bum i was sent to corner shop to buy new one and got some more with it when i returned to finish off my tanning...I hated having to go to this shop because the shopkeeper always sniggered and said. @Tell you mum i have plenty of canes in stock if she needs them'/ Yes lots of kids had to buy their canes from him. I am sure he had a spanking good business.

My mother never had one of those rattan canes. I thought that they weren't sold in the shops because they were only intended for use in schools, although I could be wrong. My mother may have used the bamboo cane as an alternative because she was unable to acquire a real one, or perhaps she just didn't see the need to use a proper cane because there were always several bamboo canes in our household used for gardening. So she kept one of them in the understairs cupboard, and reserved it specially for this purpose.

I cried every time she gave me the cane because it stung so much, even when she let me keep my pants up, and when it was on the bare I couldn't stop crying for ages afterwards. She either made me bend over the arm of one of the living room chairs after she had taken the bamboo cane out of the cupboard, or caned me in my room as I bent over my bed. Although I have never felt a proper school type rattan cane, I can imagine it to be just as agonizing as what I had to endure.

No of course it's not a competition; being beaten with either type of cane is extremely painful, especially on the bare. The bamboo cane did leave very nasty bruising on my bottom after my mother had made me pull my pants down and given me more than 6 strokes. I don't know if she was also caned as a girl, but she seemed to know that she needed to bare my bottom to really make it hurt.

From the age of nine, my mother caned me every Friday, she termed it 'Maintenance' for as she put it crimes undetected, one good hard stroke for each year of my age. I am now thirty six and still live at home and still get caned every Friday, sometimes some of her friends come and watch too.

My mum's canings left me in floods of tears as well - I don't miss them one bit.

the only person i got the cane by was my headmaster at the age of 12 and a half. the first time i got 2 strokes and they stung like hell.

Thanks 2doerver for your response, I have read your two stories and there are a lot of similarities with what I had to go through when my mum got her cane out. It was not uncommon for her to give me at least six strokes across my bare bottom while I bent over my bed. I never got caned at school though.

Both my parents caned me with a bamboo cane. Being caned by my dad was worse but they both hurt.

I know that a lot of kids were punished with belts in those days, and slippers were another commonly used implement. Some of the other boys and girls I grew up with used to talk openly about how they got the belt or slipper when they misbehaved, and once I even saw a boy's mum spank him with a wooden spoon.

But I never told anybody about those horrible beatings with the bamboo cane that I endured from my mum; it was a well kept family secret as she would always cane me in total privacy, and it's only since discovering this forum that I have finally broken my silence about it. I would be interested to hear any stories from anyone else who was also thrashed with a bamboo stick as a child, just to know that I was not the only one who endured this painful ordeal.

I wrote 2 stories about it, Canny1.

You are not the only one- my 'stepmom' uses the cane as well as a strap.

How many strokes of the cane does she give you? And do you have to bare your bottom for the cane?

I got the beltmyself.... always on the bare ***... and let me tell you... it was no laughing matter either. Sometimes the pain was felt for several days... every time I went to sit down.

Canny, it is / was not unusual!

thats the way to do it

Are there really a lot more of you in the 'over 40' age group who also experienced being caned with a bamboo stick as kids? It's certainly true that my bottom was always very sore after my mother had used hers on me, and when she gave me it with my trousers down the pain sometimes lasted for days. I often wonder now if this was a typical way for children to be punished at home in those days, or if my mother's use of this implement was unusual.

Rattan canes were sold in grocery stores when I left Malaysia 20 years ago, and I'm sure it hasn't changed. My mother never bared me, but often it was just a thin nightshirt. Canings were usually in the kitchen.

I was born in 1981.

My mother did not use the cane as a last resort, rather it was early and often.

Sorry to hear that your mother was less lenient than mine, and that you had to suffer the cane more often than I did.

i know what thats like..please add me

The pain doesn't lasts very long.

Thank you for your story. The cane is painful but it works. It sounds as though your mother was a wise woman. Sorry for your pain, though.

I totally agree.

Absolutely True!

Canings worked the best!

I totally understand. I too was subjected to the cane regularly but in my case it continued until I was about 16.