Sore Bottoms

I am 64 years old and 58 years ago I got my first "proper" spanking from my Mother, she put me acrosss her knee, pulled down my short trousers and knickers (in our house my underpants were always called knickers) and she smacked my bare bottom very hard. In our house Corporal Punishment was always on the bare bottom and I reamain of the opinion that this is how it should be done.
If I behaved badly at the weekend then of course my Father spanked me. By the time I was 10 years old they were using a hairbrush as well and I got my first caning when I was 12 years of age.

I always deserved the Corporal Punishmernt and indeed it continued untilI I left home to marry at the very early age of 19. There was always a fixed ritual, I was sent to my bedroom, got ready for bed, collected the cane from my Father's wardrobe and had to stand in a corner without my pyjama trousers on. Sometimes I almost wet myself because I was so frightenend, eventually I heard my parents coming upstairs. Mum would sit on a chair, put me across her knee and give me a good telling off and then spank me. Pretty embarrassing when you are 16, 17,18 and 19 years of age because often my penis was sticking out like a sore thumb. I would then be told to bend over the chair and I usually got 6 strokes of the cane from my Father. Occasionally it was more and on one never to be forgotten "occasion" I got 24 strokes of the cane on my bare bottom within 7 days (6 from my Mother as my Father was away, 12 from my Father and 6 from the Headmaster at school) At this time I was nearly 17 years old and being a very badly behaved teenager. This punishment turned my life around, I suddenly saw sense!.

I have to say that although I hated getting a sore bottom the thought of this also excited me and indeed still does today.

I live in London and now spend a lot of time talking to both men and women about Corporal Punishment (sometimes couples as well), often the talking includes "hands on" demonstartions too.

I always respect "limits", and, apart from travelling expenses, do not charge any fees.

I constantly have to reassure people that their interest in Corporal Punishment does not mean they are in some way "peculiar", they are just being honest about their interests and needs.

There is so much more I could write, for instance I could tell you about a very beautitul girl who became my mistress and hated it if her bottom was not carrying the marks of my cane, she used to say that on the rare occasions she was not marked "it feels as though I have forgotten to put my knickers on!"

I once made the serious error of teaching her how to cane, she was a quick learner and this was a lesson I regretted giving.

I am only too pleased to help anyone but I cannot provide accomodation though because my wife is not on the "scene".


P.S. Being caned at school was the worst, after getting "6 of the best" from the Headmaster I could not ride my bike so I had to do a 30 minute walk home (often still criyng) So why, on one occasion, was I pleased when he said "drop your trousers boy and bend over?
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Good morning frankieman,<br />
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Thanks for your comments, I guess we both had similare experiences as 12 year olds but what happens to you now?<br />
<br />
For intance are you still subject to Corporal Punishmnt, do you punish other people and if so who?<br />
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It was just sad that I got caned 3 times in 7 days, I was being a really ob<x>jectionable teenager, on the Monday I was very rude to my Mother, my Father was away so it was Mum who caned me. This was always more painful than when Dad did it because she was a tennis champion, swapped her tennis racket for the cane and my bottom was the ball. However it was worse still because she always (and quite incorrectly) maintained she was not as strong as Dad and therefore wheras he would give me "6 of the best" she gave me 2 extra "as she was not as strong as Dad".<br />
On the Friday I stole 10 shillings from her purse, got found out and Dad gave me 1 stroke for each shilling!<br />
<br />
At school on Monday I had to report to the Headmaster because for the third time that term I failed to do my homework during the weekend. Normally this would have earned me just another 6, trousers down but knickers/pants on. However if you had already been caned that term (and I had) your second caning would be on your bare bottom. The headmaster noted my soundly caned bottom but pointed out that misdemeanors at home were nothing to do with behaviou at schoool so it was "drop your trousers and pants boy - bend over" "6 of the best" switly followed. In retrospect this was good because my acute pain made me think and changed my behaviour completely. At that stage of my youth I was being caned at home 2 or 3 times a month, I guess I was just plain stupid. I became a different person and although I was still caned when I behaved badly it was about twice a year instead of twice a month.<br />
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Who caned you, was it on your bare bottom, how many did you get, how long did it take for the marks to fade. How old are you ? I still get excited when I think about Corporal Punishment and even now occasionally get caned by a girlfreind but most of the time I give "hands on" demonstrations to interested male and female "pupils"!

Is three canings in a week a record, I wonder. I got caned at home and enjoy thinking about it now.