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I Was Caned By Mother

Since my childhood I have been brought up under strict surveillance of my mother. My mother was a very strict disciplinarian and a strong believer of using cane in disciplining child. She was a dictator to me. She caned me mercilessly with her thin rattan cane for any misbehavior, disobedience, indiscipline and mistakes in studies. Whenever and whatever I did any mistake she whipped out her cane from her cup board and strike brutally. What was the terrible sound!! What was the burning sensation person knows who received it. My father never beat us but he didn’t oppose mother’s discipline and caning. She always uses her rattan cane as our punishment. She caned us on our butt and legs, on which sometimes skin was broken even. I got speared from mothers caning when we entered to higher studies after completion of schooling. I always remember all those painful days.


Today I realize that my mother was right in disciplining me on her own belief & way for my own development and growth which I have achieved. But for her punishments, I would not have been what I am today.


riyaworld riyaworld 51-55, F 49 Responses Nov 29, 2009

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Did she actually cane your bare skin? Whenever I'd been very naughty and my mum took my trousers down to cane me, it was horribly painful. She only caned my bare bottom though, never my legs.

Sounds so painful. Maybe a little too much

You are very fortunate to have had such a loving caring mother , who took the trouble to cane you , my mum also was a big lover of using a rattan cane on my bottom and it certainly made me what I am today, I have never been in trouble with the police and always show respect to everybody and especially the elderly some of mums canings might have been over the top but I am greatful

I also feel very fortunate to have had such a loving caring mother, even though some might say that she had a funny way of showing it at times. But on each of the rare occasions when she took her bamboo cane out from the cupboard, then told me to pull my trousers and pants down and bend over the bed or chair for a real good hiding, it was an important step towards my becoming a responsible adult with no criminal record and respect for others.

The cane was the only punishment which was severe enough to teach me a real lesson and make me learn the consequences for bad behaviour, and my mum knew it.

i not like this kind of punishement


Oh yes the cane is certianly no joke! Especially after it is soaked for a while so that not only is its flexibility restored, but the tip is far heavier full of water, thus it makes a much deeper bite. Whereas a simple 12 with it dry will hurt yes, and leave some pretty good marks, wet it really hurts, and leaves real bruised welts.

i'am glad it made you a better person but i am 13 and i get the cane and the strap and it hurts like hell!

was caned by my Aunt in my teen years, after i once laughed at a spanking given by my mom, that was the last time i ever laughed as the cane was the new Implement. when i was 14 i was going thru a very rebelious time frame and I did what i wanted, well one weekend i was a at my Aunts and got very mouthy and she suggested I get a good tanning and being the rebelious child i was i laughed and said what ever, so mom told me to bendover and she spanked me a few times, my parents didn't believe in bare bottom spankings until now, so after i laughed and a little bit later when I got into with my mom again my aunt suggested she show her how its done and once again laughed at her saying what ever, so she told me to undo my pants and pull down my underwear and i told her to **** off, which was a big mistake, she said right now i was gonna get a good licking with a strap if i mouthed off again it would be 2 dozen with a cane, and i told her i wasnt pulling htme down, well needless to say i regretted that. she then told me the rules that i was to bend over legs wide apart and grabbing ankles and if i let go she added 2 strokes.. so i did bend over and after about 34 wallops and a severly beaten butt it was over. i was the most well amnnered kid for a couple months, then during christmas time, my parents were given the cane and mom my mom said the new rules were bottom, and for severe infractions was 2 to 3 dozen strokes. boy did i fear that cane, but i can tell you it made me a better person to this day.

My mother had both a school type rattan cane, and thin bamboo cane, as well as a belt and a dog lead with the metal clasp removed. For OTK spankings she used a hairbrush, bathbrush, wooden spoon, or wooden ruler. I remember having the skin broken on my bum and the back of my legs on a few occasions although it was not the norm.

i know how you feel i got the skin broken last week on friday.

It was very rare for my mum to cane me severely enough for the skin to be broken. I can recall this happening to me only once or twice when I'd done something exceptionally bad; and so it was trousers and pants down, and mum gave me well over ten strokes of the cane which left my bottom very sore and with deep red marks for ages afterwards.

The most strokes mum ever gave me was 7 , the last one being on the bare

The cane always had the last "say"!

oh poor u but i know what u mean.please add me

Children (and adults) should still be spanked in this way.<br />
A rattan cane is more flexible and one can built up more speed with it, specially the tip.

I also went through the painful experience of being caned by my mother during my childhood. But my mother didn't have a rattan cane, she used to punish us with a bamboo stick instead. There were several of these in our household which were used for gardening, and my mother first adopted the use of one of these implements as the cane when I was a young boy. She kept it in a cupboard for many years, and got it out whenever one of us deserved it.<br />
I was never caned at school, my mother was the only one to discipline me this way. I don't know whether a rattan cane would have been any worse, but I'll never forget the acute stinging I felt as she whacked my bare bottom several times with her bamboo cane, or the terrifying swishing and cracking sounds it made. My mother didn't use the cane on me for everything I did wrong though, and not all her canings were so severe. Like many other writers have also said, I know that she was only doing what she thought was the right thing, and this was the 1970's when it was still acceptable for a parent to punish a child in this way.

Yes schoolboysbum, it was the norm and as you say, it was accepted by all, for misbehaving! So when you stepped out of line you got spanked, so it was YOUR choice.

I too was frequently caned by my mum although stepdad preferred to use the strap or his belt. All my tannings were on my bare bum and mum usually cane both me and my sister over the kitchen table and would cane severely rarely less than a dozen strokes. If it cut or left deep welts well sobeit as far as she was concerned. I had plenty of hidings at boarding school with slipper or cane too. Yes mum's discipling of us would certainly be considered abuse today. But, like many of your other writers have said back in the 50's it was almost expected and even schools looked upon those parents who did thrash their children were praised rather than look upon as abusers. I well remember, more than once. returning to school after half term and having been caned by mum only for a master to see my welts, esp if he was about to cane me himself, would say that he was glad to see my parents disciplined me. Usually seeming to cane me even harder then. Yes it was different back then and it wouldn't be done today. But all children just accepted that was what happened if one misbehaved.

Hi nixon. Yes went to strict boys boarding school and many canings were shorts down on the bare and of course in showers and changing in the dorm any master may get a glimpse of a boys bare bum welted or otherwise. Trust that explains it.

When I was a boy in the 70's things still hadn't changed much, and my mum used to cane me too although she wasn't always so severe. She didn't give me the cane very often and I only had to bare my bottom if I'd been really bad. Mum would usually make me bend over my bed or a chair, and cane me a varied number of times according to the seriousness of my misbehaviour. For me it was the exception rather than the norm to get a dozen strokes on the bare, leaving deep welts which would be considered as abuse in this day and age, but back then people would have said that my mum had given me exactly what I deserved.

Yes, but not for the better!

I understand why it happened years ago and why I was caned myself. It was just part of the culture, although I don't think it was wrong them, today it just seems old fashioned. People still smack children and with in reason that still seems fine to me but not something I would do to my own children. Canning might have a place for some people once all other avenues have been closed but I don't see how it is possible in today's society. All it takes is the child to report the parent to the authorities and they would be so much trouble for child abuse and the child would end up in care. Times have moved on.

Exactly there is no excuse for physical abuse I WOULD NEVER HIT MY DAUGHTER and God help any one who put a hand on her they would answer to me

hi- balletgirl<br />
re your comment, my dad never used the cane only his hand or his size 12 slipper, most of the time across my knickers with dad it was over his knee.even his hand hurt, his slipper certainly did<br />
<br />
all my canings was at my two senior schools, some more severe than others especially a caning from the head.some of the caning was my own fault, like failing uniform inspection( or has we girls called knicker check). <br />
<br />
most canings across your knickers.

i was Made to Wait in my bedroom . Until My Daddy Went out to the pub . Then my mum would come to my bed room to Punish me . My Mum used A Rattan Cane often i was Severely Caned in my Teens it did me no Lasting Harm . Back in The 1960s Mothers were much Stricter With Teenagers

Like dorothyanne I remember it was the waiting to be caned which was almost as bad as the actual thrashing. The ritual of having to fetch the cane with which i would be beaten and then undressing down to my blouse, tights and panties before bending over the dreaded whipping chair. Canings were never quick and the intense pain lasted for ages.

Another feeling that is still with me. The sweaty hands, that feeling in the pit of your tummy and your brain racing. You saying that brought it all back.

Your comment, including the bit about having to undress and bend over the "dreaded whipping chair", brings a lot back to me too, particularly the horrendous beating I received when I was 10 years old after I'd been caught stealing. My mum summoned me to the living room and ordered me to pull down my trousers and pants, while she went to the understairs cupboard and returned with the dreaded bamboo cane. Then she made me bend over the side of an armchair and gave me 12 strokes for my punishment, and I cried so much that when it was over the seat of the chair was soaking wet from my tears.

I used to get that same awful feeling too, as soon as I knew I was going to get the cane, although I didn't usually have to wait long as my mum would administer my punishment almost immediately.

D, yes it was the everyday thing!!

I did not get punished by mum its was alsways my dad, the alwful thing was waiting for him to come home,knowing that i would soon have a very red was done in a loving way to teach me right from wrong.<br />
in school we had the rattan cane which was welded across our backside if we stepped out of line, a couple of the canings could have classed as abusive, but in them days , we had to take the thrashings, most of the time punishments was across knickers.

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Mandy it will work. Keep up the good work. You will receive the fruits later.<br />
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Sarah, I agree with your comment to Mandy. Lol<br />
I hope you can attain the required result with your offspring without moving to the cane.

Lynseyteen thanks for your message.<br />
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Hi Mandy. I am also a single Mum. I have not got to that stage yet. I can still deal with mine across the knee but I empathise with your dilema after all what do you do when a normal spanking does not work anymore. I think you are a brave woman to go to the next step and lets hope it works out in the end or you wil be doing this for a few more years yet.