My First Caning

I have a healthy fear of the cane. Or I had, I should say. I had been hearing about it from others and how some really enjoy it. My Dom had used the cane on me very mildly and very little while introducing it to me. Since then my curiosity grew. I had only felt the thickness of the cane. I had never felt the stingy part. I had expressed my curiosity to my Dom about caning. First he clamped both of my nipples with really clenching clamps. I was told that I would keep them on for the duration of the caning. This intensified the erotic feeling more than I could have imagined. I was placed on the spanking bench with my *** in the air. He continued slowly explaining each stroke that I was to receive and what they would feel like before delivering the stroke. He worked his way up showing me all of the different sensations that the cane had to offer. We only got up to a medium stroke. Here we stayed for several medium strokes with time in between for me to feel the sting go deep into my skin and come back up. He paused to check to see how wet I was In between strokes dipping his fingers into the moistness between my legs while I endured the sting of the cane. I look forward to many more sessions with the cane.
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I'm glad you finally got it and have shared what it's like. I've been so interested in spanking / caning someone. How long were you able to feel the effects? Could you sit down that day? does it leave scars? Have you done it again since? Sorry; too many questions, but i find it fascinating.

I didn't do anything really. It was more experimentation. I was curious and well now Im not. lol

LLIL What did you do to get 20 strokes? your skirt was riased what about tour knickers did he allow you to retain them, what did he use?

my mum caned my bare bottom very hard . when i was a teenager . for being unruly . 12 whacks full force across my bare bottom . my mum often used a cene . she had strict rules .

Glad you enjoyed your first caning and I am sure there will be many to come

Thank you my love. I am so fortunate to have you in my life. I love you too.<br />
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And thank you Sweet. I absolutely love the nipple clamps.

I am happy to be the one that shows you all the new and exciting things in your life.<br />
I look forward to seeing all the new curiosities.<br />
I love you<br />