Girlfriend And My Sister

Lynn and I had been a couple for a long time before she left the country. Lynn was and probably still is Bi, and she was also in a couple with my sister who is lesbien. We were a very tight knit group ever since they saw may caned bottom one evening after school. They had both wa****d off looking at my striped bum. Lynn had gently rubbed cold cream onto my red sore bottom and she had used her slippy hands to relieve the tension she had caused in another part of me. They both knew long before that I had an enormous crush on Lynn, sometimes I would walk in on them whilst theywere occupied with each other in various states od undress, and varying activities, Most of these not requiring knickers. My sister used to walk in on Lynn and myself when she was either spanking or caning my bare bottom, or we were both occupied in activities not requiring underwear either. Whenever my sister walked in while I was being spanked or caned, she would lower her knickers and pleasure herself whilst watching. If I'd been caned, she would come and rub her hand over the weals to help herself climax. Lynn left the country when I was twentyfive, and we had very little news from her after that. I too left the country a couple of years later, but I did go to visit my familly about once a year. I'd always stay with my sister who would'nt have heard about me going anywhere else. One evening she came home from work and I was on the couch looking through a photo album where there were lots of our photos. My siter Lynn an me. I'd been looking through them and inspecting the photos where Lynn was present with a certain pleasure,I had'nt been aware of my sisters arrival nor that I'd been rubbing myself through my trousers whilst I examined the photos. My sister made her presence known by saying very loudly," and what the f*** are you doing"? I jumped and let the album drop to the floor where she stooped down to retreive it. "Just looking at some old photos". "Ahh, I see, looking at photos of Lynn were you"? "Yeah, I miss her a lot". "So do I sometimes, but I don't rub myself up while I think about her". " What"!!?? " Look wher your hand is, and that blg bulge in the front of your trousers is probably not your handkerchief all balled up"! "OH! I had'nt been aware I was errr". She sat down by me and gave me a hug. "It was'nt a crush you had on her was it? You really loved her". I coud'nt reply staright away because of this knot in my throat. "Yes I did,and I still do really. I've been with other women, but its never been the same, and the others did'nt know about my,,,, lets say particular needs". My sister unwound herself from our hug and looked at me with big round eyes. " Do you mean to tell me that no one has spanked or caned you since she left twenty years ago"? " Well no, they were other types of girls. They wanted sex in lots of different manners, and it was fun and all, but no sore red bottoms on either side".
"You Idiot"! Why did'nt you tell me all this before"? "What differebce would that have made"? I asked." She looked me sqaurly in the eyes and said, " I would have spanked and cane your beautifull bare bottom as much as you would have liked". "Did you know we were, Lynn and I, jealous of your bum. We could'nt get to see it enough". " So I would have jumped at the chance to spank and cane it". I was quite taken aback by this. " Sis; do you mean that, if I asked you to spank me now, You'd do it"? " Get up and get your trousers and pants of mister". "Now"!! I jumped up and started fumbling with my belt, but my fingers were not folling my orders, sis slapped my hand out of the wat and unbuckled it and unzipped my trousers, pushing them to the floor. "Step out of them". I did as she ordered, then she put her fingers in the waisband of my pants and pulled them down and off. Not as easily done though as she had to get past my turgid member first. She looked at it and said. "Ar'nt you ashamed of yourself for getting hard in front of your sister"? "Not really, you've seen it like this lots of times". "Yes but you were with Lynn, and don't think that I'm going to s**K it for you like she did after I've thrashed your bum, nor will let you put it in me anywhere either". " I might help you to a happy end with my hand though, and even if I'm a lesbien, I think you have a nice c**K too. I could feel it get even harder and bigger when she said that, and she just stared at it and then me. " Don't move, I' going to get my cane". " You have a cane"??? She turned back to me. "Of course, I've been spanking and caning boys and girls eversince the first time I saw your striped bum in my room", and no you don't know any of them, I think". She left the room and I had all this running around in my head. She spanked and caned all this time and I'd been unaware of it and sadly. left out in the cold. She came back into the room wearing a black teachers gown and from what I could see, jus a black bra and panties. In her hand was a crooked handled cane about three feet long and not quite half an inch thick. "Now; as you've been keping secrets from me, and important one at that. I have dec ided that you will not get a warm up spanking over my knee, you will bend over my desk and receive twelve hard strokes of the cane directly on your bere but from what I can see, nicely tanned bottom.
"Now move in front of my desk and bend over, hold onto the other side, and spread your legs just a little so that i can see you nice b***s from behind". I bent over the desk, my legs a little apart for her pleasure, and tried to get comfortable with my er**t c**K pushed hard against the smooth wood. I could hear her mouve to my left side, about a step back from me. I felt her cane line up on my buttocks, she shuffled away a little more so that the strokes would mark both cheeks at he same time. The forst stroke hit at the top and made me flinch. Ten seconds later she brought down another, slightly harder and just below the first. She seemed to me, to be very accurate. Proof came with the third equaly hard stroke just under the second weal. She was taking her time, letting the strokes enter my flesh and my mind. It took all of five minutes for hewr to deliver the twelve strokes promised. " Don't move" she said. Then I felt her cool hand on my bum, carefully stroking the bruised flesh. "Stay". Her voice was a bit hoarse and she moved away. There was a slight sound of moving fabric and I knew she was taking some pleasure of her own, I heard another movement and I saw her black panties tumble to the floor on the other side of the desk, one of her hands came back onto my now painfully sor bum, the weals must be purple by now. Her hand moved feverishly over her work and I assumed it was moving in unison with the othe hand ahe was keeping for herself. I heard her hiss as she acheived her pleasure at the same time as her hand moved between my legs to grasp and squeeze my b***s a little. It took a couple of minutes for her to get her breath back to normal, and then she moved forward , her hands gripped my hips and she pulled me away fron the desk about nine inches. I could feel her push herself up to me, though she must have been very warm after her efforts of caning me and giving herself some pleasure, her hips and groin area seemed cool on my bbum. Her hand went round to the front of me and she took hold of my c**k. " Its covered in pre**m you naughty boy". She started to stroke it gently but with a firm grip. She started whispering in my ear as shr was working up and down my sh*ft. "normaly I use my st****n when I have finished punishing my naughty boys and girls, though the girls get it in their p***y's. the boys have no choice, I slide it into their a** and do them hard". That was all I could take, I shot my *** all over the place. I am sure I had'nt had as good an o****m since Lynn and I had our last session together. sis got up and backed away from me, she peeked under the desk an said, "Wow,you been bottling it up sine she left"? I got up and turned to look at her. She had just her black bra on and her p**** was as always cleanly waxed except for a small trimmed patch of hair. I could see her juices running dow her thighs. I stepped forward and took her into my arms for a hug. "Thanks luv, that was extraordinary". She laughed a little and pushed me away, but just a little. " whenever you want little brother, then she looked down and smiling said "well not so little really, and when you want to give me a hug, can you wait until that thing has subsided a little"? I am a lesbien and I dont want you poking that into me, even by accident. Then she slapped my bum and said, "Let go of me now, I need to take a shower and probably another round finger excercises too. Oh.. Probably best leave you trousers and pants off for the rest of the day, I don't think you''l like the feeling of them just yet, your pretty little bum is very very marked. I nodded and then leaned forward to give her a little kiss on the cheek. " Sis, I think I'd like you to wear your st****n the next time". She feigned shock and spanked my sor ebum again before laughing and running upstairs to the bathroom. I lay face down on the couch and went back to the photos, and not very dicrete humping of the cushion under my middle. Miss you Lynn.

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May 5, 2012